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By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Classy Art Downloads It's no secret that hitting 'print' doesn't sound very crafty, but sometimes that's all it takes.  I know I go on a bit about how much I love classy craft, but that's because I'm soooo passionate about it.  I love watching my own children and other children do craft and that includes things as humble as the coloring in.  If you do a google search for "coloring-in pages" you'll find lots of options, and plenty of them themed around famous TV cartoon characters... great; hit print and away you go.  But why can't the things our kids color in be a little more educational and still be pretty and entertaining?  Why can't they be coloring in or collage-ing famous art works for example?  I wondered why there weren't more coloring-in pages that let kids get closer to Da Vinci, Picasso, or Monet's bridge over water lilly ponds for example... well there's a bit - but there should be more.
So I made some myself.

Over on my website there are 6 projects to download, they're free, you don't have to subscribe or do anything other than click and the pdf will pop up on your screen - have a look here.
Each project has a page of history; a brief explanation about the period of art and the artist whose art-project you've downloaded, and then the second page is the project for your kids to craft with.
So go on - help yourself.
Linda. x

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