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Clarification About My Views on Childhood Bullying

Posted on the 31 December 2018 by Calvinthedog

My bullying posts caused a lot of controversy, and I got accused of supporting bullying. That’s not exactly what I was talking about.

What I am saying is rather simple. Bullying and peer pressure occur throughout life. If you don’t follow society’s basic rules, you are going to be corrected, all throughout life.

Everywhere I go in my town, I have to follow the rules. Now there’s 10,000 ways I could screw up by blatantly refusing to follow the rules, but my fellow adults will check me on that in a variety of ways. They will “bully” me in a sense. People have to follow the basic rules of society. They’re not that hard to follow.

If you are such an idiot that you can’t follow society’s rules, then even your fellow adults will “bully” or correct you in one way or another. This is how we learn. I am still learning social rules all the time, and I am over 60 years old! I don’t think you ever learn them all.

I keep databases in my head of the people I interact with and what I can say and how I can act to each of them. There are some beautiful young women at my bank who are very friendly, but I have to get myself out of a sexual mindset when I deal with them. And I can’t flirt with them in even the remotest way. One asked me what I was doing here today, and I said I came to see you. She didn’t like that. Too flirtatious. So you live and learn.

This is particularly the case with women in this idiotic #metoo era where apparently seduction has been made illegal. If you outlaw unwanted sexual advances, you just outlawed seduction, because all seduction starts with advances, and you never know how they are going to go over, if they will be wanted or unwanted, until you try.

But looking over the #metoo stories, a lot of these men were acting bad. I could go over some of the stories with you to show you how these idiots were screwing up. Most of these guys had horrible Game, and many simply don’t know how to talk to or act around women.

If you throw out flirtatious remarks towards a woman and she acts upset, uncomfortable, or like she doesn’t like it, a man with good Game will take note of this and simply stop flirting. If you continue, you are bothering, annoying, pestering, upsetting, and angering her. At some point, that is sexual harassment. That’s what it is. Frequent, repeated, severe, unwanted sexual advances when the woman has made it quite clear they are unwelcome.

In a sense, a lot of these guys going down on #metoo are not following the rules. So society is “bullying” them or correcting them by firing them from their jobs and ending their careers. It’s a rather harsh, but this is how “bullying” works in the world of adults. Adults who act like bullied children quickly find themselves out of jobs, careers, friendships, and relationships. Compared to the way adults get bullied, childhood bullying is awfully mild!

I pointed out that 80-90% of the kids I grew up with bullied a few “designated victims.” These kids were all screwing up in the worst possible ways. And most had control over their behavior. They were just choosing to act in a way that gets them bullied. When 90% of the kids are bullying you, you are being sent a message – you’re seriously out of line. You keep acting like this into adulthood and you will lose friends, lovers, jobs, you name it.

My critics simply said that bullies are evil. Well, 85% of the kids I grew up with bullied the designated victims. 85% of the kids I grew up with were evil?! These were just normal kids like anyone else. I am sorry but I refuse to accept that 85% of the kids I grew up with were evil.

My critics say bullying is evil. Well, maybe so. But kids are terrible. They’re mean as snakes, boys and girls both, but especially boys. Children have bullied other children forever. I am sure the Greeks and the Romans must have written about. This is just the way that mean little kids act!

This war on bullying is a bit ridiculous. Bullying is a sad fact of childhood. Kids bully, tease, and torment each other, boys in particular. In part this is a toughening up process that hardens you and makes you into a man. You’re never going to get rid of bullying. The overwhelming majority of kids bully others, usually a few designated victims. 85% of children are not evil. They’re just children. A war on bullying is like a war on crime, meanness, violence, rape or any number of things. Humans have always done these things, and they will never go away. You’re tilting at windmills.

Designated victims are screwing up, badly. They could knock it off but they won’t. The bullying is the other kids’ way of telling the outlier kids to get their act together.

Boys who cry all the time need to get bullied and even beat up. That’s not acceptable behavior and they need to find that out one way or another. Anyway, boys will always beat up crybabies. What do you expect them to do? Let it ride? Show me a future world in which crybaby boys won’t get their asses kicked by other boys. I’m not seeing it.

Very mean and evil boys can get bullied because they’re so psycho that they’re out of line. They’re being given a message that they are on the road to being future serial killers and to knock it off. This is correct and proper. The message is, “Quit being such a damned psycho!”

I knew one boy who was a complete idiot – a nerd on steroids. He literally walked around with his tongue hanging out of one side of his mouth like a retard. He had a very clumsy way of walking and tripped over his own feet. He swung his fists like a girl. He talked like he was retarded. He wasn’t just a nerd. Nerdiness is forgivable. This guy was a complete idiot!

Of course my friend and I tormented this moron, but he seemed to enjoy the attention. Anyway he deserved it. I met him three years later, and he was completely normal. Maybe the bullying got through to him. He didn’t have to hang his tongue out of one side of his mouth, trip over his feet, swing his fists like a girl, or talk like a retard. When I met him three years later, he wasn’t doing any of those things.

Think about it – any kid who is that much of an outrageous dork is asking for it. That’s far beyond your normal harmless nerdiness. How the Hell do you expect kids to treat some idiot who hangs his tongue out of his mouth and drools like a retard? He’s got a sign called “Victim – Kick Me” right on the back of his shirt. Any kids anywhere will bully a kid like that – because his behavior is completely out of line.

Yes, we bullied effeminate boys. I have no idea if they were gay or not. They were two twins, 10 years old. Their last name was Hunt. They were called the Hunts or the Hunt Brothers. But we called them the Cunts or the Cunt Brothers. Well of course. They didn’t really rise to the bait of our teasing and tormenting, so I think we stopped after a while.

I’m wondering. Must effeminate boys act effeminate? Can they help it? Do they have some effeminate gene that forces them to act like screaming faggots? Doesn’t it seem like effeminate boys and men could stop acting that way anytime they want to? I don’t know what to say.

If your son is as effeminate as a screaming queen at age 10, he’s asking for it. Boys have bullied effeminate boys for eternity.

On the one hand it is positive – it sends the straight boys a well-needed message – don’t act like a flaming queen! Don’t act effeminate! The message I took from my adulthood was, “Queers get their asses kicked.”

That’s one reason, among many others, that I have never been an effeminate man as an adult, I very much dislike effeminate behavior in straight men, and I will not have gay sex. Among other reasons, I think that if I start mincing around, I am going to get hit. And if I do it with a guy (I have lots of reasons to not do this, and this is just one of them) a part of me thinks that if I do that, I am going to get my ass kicked.

I internalized that message from childhood. Isn’t it right and proper that straight boys are taught that it’s not cool to be an effeminate prancing pixie? And why not discourage straight boys from having gay sex? They’re not even gay. Why the Hell should they do that? The less of that behavior the better, and straight men are the last people who should be doing such things. Gay men don’t have any choice about such things and hence they must be accepted, but that’s not so with straight men. There’s no reason for a straight man to have gay sex. For God’s sake, if you can’t get a woman, jerk off! Don’t screw a guy for Chrissake.

More importantly, can you ever imagine a world in which outrageously effeminate boys who act like screaming queens are not going to get bullied by other boys? Really? You think little boys are going to internalize all the pro-gay messages we adults have? I’d like to see it. I’d like to see the day when little boys are ok with the prancing pixies among them. I just can’t see it.

When crybabies get beat up,l the other boys get the message: “Boys don’t cry.” Well, you need to learn that. You want a society of men who are bursting into tears all the time like women? Really? This is how boys are turned into men. The message I internalized from boyhood was “crybabies get hit.” I don’t cry much, but one reason I don’t is because I associate it with getting my ass kicked.

Boys who swing their fists like girls, walk around with their tongues hanging out of the sides of their mouths, drool, trip over their own feet, and talk like retards are not in need of some correction? Like Hell they aren’t. One of the main reasons I don’t act that way as adult, among others, is that I saw what happened to complete idiots who acted like that as boys. And I think, “Act like a preposterously dorky idiot, get hit.” So I don’t act dorky. Or nerdy. Or clumsy. I keep my tongue inside my mouth. I don’t trip over my feet. I throw punches like a man. I don’t talk like I’m retarded.

Look, if any of you are parents, if 90% of the kids are bullying your kid, something’s gone wrong. Your kid is seriously out of line. That’s why he’s getting bullied for Chrissake! He needs to shape up, assuming he can. The bullies are trying to correct your kid’s behavior. It’s so out of line and messed up that all the other kids are outraged by it, and that’s why he’s getting bullied. You need to figure out why your kid is a designated victim and try to encourage him to act more normally.

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