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Circle Farm Tour Adventure

By Sowanddipity @Sowanddipity

Circle Farm Tour

So this is how it started… ‘Honey, I have a couple days off… IN A ROW!’ We need to go somewhere…. do something. Drive to the states? Go Camping??

Oh… we can only make it a day trip. ( Damn schedules… ) Okay, then we will go… to…

Hmm, we can never plan anything in advance in our lives. It’s always so last minute because of our careers, the business… sports!

Well, let’s check out Harrison Hot Springs. Yes, let’s head East and tour around the Fraser Valley. ( Not much of a plan but hey, a quick stop at Starbucks, a fill up at the gas station and we are off on our little mini road trip )


We drove directly to Harrison and were shocked by the hoards of people there when we arrived. Beautiful place but all the people! So, a quick walk down to the lake, snap a pic and we were heading back. Too busy for this busy couple.

We happened to notice that there was signs for fresh cheese as we headed into Harrison. So we went back looking for that sign and found a little country store offering delicious fresh cheese made right there on their farm.

The Farm House

While the hubs ordered a nice selection of wedges, I noticed that The Farm House was part of the Harrison/Agassi Circle Farm Tour and it gave me an idea. I grabbed all the maps for Chilliwack, Abbotsford and Langley, we were going to have a plan after all.


Now we started late but there was still plenty of time to hit up several more farms before we headed home. So the next stop was Canadian Hazelnut.

Seriously…. can these BE any more delicious. After several samples we got a combo package with all the flavors we loved. The Coffee, Pumpkin Spice, Beer Nut and Citrus Delight….mmm.

Canadian Hazelnut

We headed over to Chilliwack and unfortunately quite a few places were closed on a Sunday. But since we were close to Cultus Lake, we decided that we would head in for some lunch.

Chilliwack corn

Again…super busy with people. We enjoyed a bite and drove around to check out the cute lakeside cabins….and got back on the road.

The Yellow Barn

The last stop was the Yellow Barn. We were able to pick up some Funks Farmers sausage, lemon loaf, fresh vegi’s and some Okanagan fruit. Now we had enough to make a meal.

Local Food

We dined on hazelnuts, crackers from MagPie Bakery, fresh cheeses and sausage, and Okanagan Cherries that evening while we tried to cool down from what turned out to be the hottest day of the year.

Some might say that isn’t much of a trip, but we enjoyed our little adventure and discovered so many wonderful farms along the way.

Milner Village Garden Centre is on the Langley tour ( I should know… I was the tour guide for a group just this past week! ). We look forward to grabbing our maps again for another mini road trip later this summer.

Peace Love Garden


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