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Chuck Norris Rules Part Two

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

chuck norris rules

This isn’t the first time I posed in front of “Chuck Norris Rules“, but if you are in need of a memory refresher, you can see that post here.

It was one year ago around this same time that I was up in Burbank celebrating Passover that I first found the sign across from the house I was at. Considering I most always have blogging on the brain, I immediately thought “Cool backdrop. Photo op.” and proceeded to make someone snap some shots. This year went down the same way, and I thinking of making a tradition out of it.

It’s kind of a trip looking at last year’s picture next to this year’s though. I was in the same place and scenario at the same time of year, but a different person with a way different life.

It’s crazy to me how much can change within just a years time… all for the better.

P.S. Happy Passover!!! 

spring 2013 fashion

+ Fringe Suede Jacket // Black Tunic // Snake Skin Booties // Oakley Sunnies // Fashionlushxx Cow Skull necklace (email me if interested) +

baby tortoise

+ Obsessed with this little baby tortoise, Dr. Drei. My cutest accessory. +

suede fringe jacket

+ The fringe detail on this jacket makes me drool. I found it as I was lost in the new department store sized F21 (which by the way, I hate) and immediately was in love. I ran to the register as quick as I could and got myself out of there. Hectic. +

baby tortoise

+ Playing in the grass with my new boyfriend. +


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