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Christmas Wishlist

By Threadandbutter @threadandbutter
Christmas wishlistLately I've been addicted to watching vlogs, and realised how much I like to be nosey and have a snoop into other peoples lives. Darren was shocked when caught me watching a "Whats in my handbag" vlog the other day, and thought it was ridiculous how I could find it interesting. What he didn't know was that I had previously watched about 20 other videos, including room tours, a day in the life of, vlogmas posts, beauty routines, just to name a few. YouTube is officially my new found love. If you haven't already got an account then I would highly recommended getting one. I have had an account for years but haven't really used all of the features properly. My channel  subscription has grown more in the last week than it has since I got it a few years ago. When I find a video I enjoy, I often look at the users account and see what they have subscribed to/commented on/liked. It's a great way to build your collection up through sharing common interests. 
After snooping on lots of other people, I thought it was time to switch places and  reveal to you some of the things I have put on my Christmas list this year.  I have asked for a jacket, as I'm not brave enough to bite the bullet myself and spend more than a weeks food budget on one item. I've been making do so far this year just by layering up jumpers, but with Jack Frost starting to pay regular visits I think it's about time I upgraded. Another item I have asked for is a pair of Toms. I've worn my red Toms to death and they are sadly no longer with us. I was tempted to get a pair of faux canvas shoes, but I figured I should just wait and get the real things. 
At the very top of any wish list of mine is always going to be a kitten. But you can't just have one kitten as surely they would get lonely? Two it is then! 
What's on your Christmas list this year?

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