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Christmas Gift Tags

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Christmas Gift TagsIt's no secret that Christmas is coming, with all the long lists from demanding children, the pushy shop displays, and of course the big bills... but of course it's not all bad; there's plenty of wonderful things about Christmas; and for me one of the best things is the wrapping!
I love finding different ways to wrap presents each year, choosing different color schemes to work with and then buying or making everything to suit.
This year I'm trying to clean out all the last odds and ends of way too many half-rolls.  The two recurring colours are red and green, regardless of how cute, contemoray, quirky or kitsch the paper designs are.  It's my intention to wrap the presents in the various papers, but then, wrap all those with a strip of shiny red or green paper and then add a curling ribbon and gift tag.  I'm hoping I'll clean out the cupboard, and still make all my diverse presents look like a 'family' under our tree... when we get around to putting it up.
I've started the gift tags - by hand cutting strips of coloured card  and strips of dotty card (slightly smaller).  I stamped a crown onto the base of the coloured card, then placed the patterned one on top and glued them together.  Ont the front of each of these I added an embellishment, again, aiming to clean out the cupboard and make each card look unique.  When the glue has settled I'll let the girls place a Christmas stamp on the front of each spotted-strip because they love to get involved.  It's sort of shabby-chic and child-friendly at the same time.  Once the tags are ready to go on the presents, I'll lift the patterned strip and right the name underneath so that there's a need to investigate, and an element of surprise... because they're the other fun things about Christmas.
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