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Christmas Adverts Are Here!

By Clairebelle @cbelleoftheball
OK, yes, another Christmas themed blog...sorry about that! But, I don't care, I love this time of year and I am sure there will be many more Chrissy blog posts to come.
This one is about something, which truly makes you feel as if Christmas is arriving - the start of Chrissy adverts on TV! Yes, it's not just Coca Cola's "Holidays are comin'" beloved advert which graces our TV screens annually, now it seems stores, department stores in particular, battle it out each year to create the most emotional, funny, heart warming advert imaginable.
From John Lewis's gorgeous and often hauntingly beautiful adverts, to Debenhams colourful creations and Marks & Spencer's fun filled efforts, the Christmas advert truly marks the beginning of the season to me, and they all give me that lovely, warm fuzzy feeling.
Instead of dissecting just one particular advert, I thought I would do a wee round up of my favourites so far. I've put them below - I'd love to know which one gets your vote. I have to admit, the gorgeous snow men in the John Lewis advert gets me very choked up every time ;o) Enjoy x
TK Maxx Advert 2012

Boots Advert 2012

Debenhams Advert 2012

John Lewis Advert 2012

Matalan Advert 2012

Asda Advert 2012

Littlewoods Advert 2012

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