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Christina Aguilera is an Inspiration!

By Tempestra @tempestra1

I cannot believe the stick Christina Aguilera’s been getting in the press lately for being overweight. I mean, yes, her weight has changed, but  just because she’s gained a few extra pounds over the years, the press have started saying that she has some sort of a ‘problem’ with food. It’s the same with practically any celebrity who’s ever put on weight, like Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears, for example. The most annoying thing about it is that these women are probably still quite slim in the flesh, considering how ultra-thin most celebrities are these days.  The unforgiving camera always adds a few pounds.

Christina Aguilera is an inspiration!
I for one think that Christina Aguilera looks absolutely gorgeous now, and far better than she did when she was too thin. Her curves have filled out and she just looks so much more womanly. She’s got the confidence to be proud of her body, and rightly so. She’s a real inspiration for all women out there.

Looking at her just makes me realize that the most important thing is to be healthy, happy and comfortable with your body. There’s nothing sexier than confidence, and after all women do come in all shapes and sizes! Why should we all be expected to mold ourselves into the same stick-thin shape?

Let’s face it, despite what the media says, being stick-thin is just not sexy! Christina Aguilera’s showing a great big two fingers to an industry that wants her to be a waif when she’s a real woman, and I’d take her body over an androgynous catwalk model’s any day.

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