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Chris Martin – A Glittering Career with Coldplay Blighted by Hearing Problems

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

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Astrology can show up the most amazing things. In news reports today, the lead singer of Coldplay Chris Martin admitted that he had been suffering for around 10 years with the condition tinnitus, a chronic ringing sound in the ears attributed he says to listening to loud music though headphones when he was young. The tinnitus as caused him severe headaches and he has resorted to using earplugs to protect his earing and to prolong his music career. Will this condition affect him in the long term? Let look at his horoscope and to the stars to have a look.

ChrisMartin(Coldplay) natal

Chris was born in Exeter in the South West of England on 2nd March 1977 (no birth time known). If anyone does know Chris’ time of birth, please get in touch. He is a creative Sun sign Pisces and his Moon could either be in watery Cancer or showy Leo. Difficult to say as we do know he is in the public eye (Leo) but his Moon could just as well be in Cancer making him rather moody and irritable & very protective of his family and personal privacy.

The Pisces Sun is a direct link to a creative soul and it is square to musical Neptune in free and easy Sagittarius, there is plenty of inspirational energy here to exploit. The Sun is also in conjunction with Mercury on the cusp of Pisces, so we have a poetic and freewheeling way that he communicates and will write. Mercury squares to Jupiter in rhythmical Taurus. Chris’ mind works on a grand level and on a wide scale. This is great at seeing the big picture, but one may overlook the tiny details of a situation, landing you in trouble later on when you realize you have not taken notice of the fine print of the contract at the bottom. In a musical sense, one is able to think in an abstract way through symbols so the language of music would come naturally to him. Chris would be very interested in history, philosophy and religion with this square – at university where he met his band-mates he studied and graduated in the classics, Greek and Latin.

There is a lot of emphasis and energy on that Neptune in Sagittarius receiving a sextiles from Mars and Pluto (making several mini grand trines) and trines from Saturn and Venus. The mini grand trine shows someone who wants to make a name for himself out of his musical talents, Mars brings energy to create and Pluto wants recognition and power. The trines from Saturn and Venus show ambition and making a career from music and the trine from Venus shows cooperation & relationships. This team ethic is very much strengthened by Mars in Aquarius in sextile to Venus in Aries and Neptune in Sagittarius which is a highly active, socially democratic and open combination – this is how Coldplay as a group will operate.

Maybe this need for working with his colleagues Guy, Will and Jonny for the moment overrides the strong Uranus trine to Chris’ natal Sun. This connection shows a strong independent streak and when activated by Saturn’s transit in 2013 (the connection is made Feb 13 through October 13) may see Chris taking a far more independent stance in his musical career, possibly even breaking away from Coldplay and going it alone. He has already dabbled in working with other artists and with different styles of music and Saturn’s ambition will test his resolve. The one thing going for the group is that Chris is fundamentally a fixed and rather stubborn lad (5 planets in fixed signs) who will tend to prefer the status quo and so will not adapt so well to change.  

Moving on to the strongest feature here, we have a powerful fixed t-square connecting Saturn and Mars in opposition to Uranus in Scorpio. I see this structure as someone who does have a creative edge and has no little talent and verve (shown by Uranus square Mars) but that Saturn in Leo I think does hold him back in being totally radical.  I suspect he is at times severely tempted to let go of his more uninhibited side but Saturn very much keeps this in check, and so his music and personal habits (he neither drinks nor smokes) are more middle of the road rather that outright wild and crazy.

Emotionally, Chris is loving and giving (Mars sextile Venus) as well as sensitive and tender (Venus trine Neptune) however his relationships will be intense, probably difficult at times and will change him as a person (Venus opposite Pluto). Venus in Aries does find keeping the passion going difficult, one is always “looking around” for the next love conquest – such is the nature of Aries to have that initial burst of energy which lacks staying power in the long term.

Chris Martin stars

Looking at the stars and their relationship with the planets on the day he was born very much confirms what I have already wrote. The star Fomalhaut in Aquarius which represents the fish which drinks the water from the water bearer’s urn was rising with Jupiter bringing Chris a charisma and a philosophical edge, and in his early years a love of classical knowledge. He also had the star Markab marking the saddle in the constellation of Pegasus, the winged horse rising in paran with the Moon. This is a safe and steady seat to sit on, and Markab brings consistent emotions and devotion to one’s partner, at least through one’s formative years into early middle age.

So to the amazing connection with regard to Chris’ hearing condition. The connection comes between the star Sualocin in the constellation of Delphinus (the dolphin) in the left hand corner of the star map above which was rising across the horizon as Pluto (top right) was culminating (reaching the highest point in the sky that it could get to that night. Sualocin is associated with joy and playfulness, but also being able to master a skills with consummate ease or through natural talent. Chris has musical talent in abundance and the connection with Pluto brings him power and influence.

Sualocin also seems to heighten the senses in a spiritual or physical nature. It is interesting and ironic that Alexander Graham Bell had Sualocin in paran with Pluto. Of course he was famous for inventing the telephone (a hearing device) but also he was deeply involved with helping those with hard of hearing problems – his nickname was “the father of the deaf”. I have never seen any proof of a connection between Pluto and Sualocin and hearing issues, but isn’t it an interesting coincidence that Chris’ problems lie around excess volume (Pluto) in listening to music, and thus the degrading (Pluto) of one of his senses (Sualocin)? Even more, this connection with Sualocin rising indicates an issue that happens in the early years of Chris’ life, and as such one which will plague him I suspect for  the rest of his life. 

If his performance career is affected, then Chris does have his song writing ability that he can fall back on. He had the passionate star Algol (the Gorgon’s head in the constellation of Perseus) culminating when Mercury was setting on 2nd March 1977, so in his middle years which he is now entering he will communicate with passion intensity and desire – sounds like to me that Chris’ future does very much lies in song writing, not only for himself if he is able to perform but in collaboration with and for other artists.  

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