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Chris Coco – Portmerion Tide Flow

Posted on the 14 December 2015 by Doughnutmag

I recently reviewed the excellent ‘Ambient Zone 2 – Just Music Cafe vol. 5’ which featured a track from Chris Coco. Chris Coco also mixed the album.

Here’s another offering from this talented musician. This single is from the forthcoming album ‘How To Disappear Completely’ which comes out in March 2016.

There’s something about this artist’s sound which is mesmerising and calming. It’s not just the repetitive undulating guitar work on which the song is pinned. The vocals, effects underneath, the strings accompaniment – even the lyrics – seem to contribute to a dreamscape which seems endless and, appropriately for the title, flows continuously through you. It’s as though your ears and your mind are submerged in a river of sound which moves past you and on to something ‘far away from building and everything…’

I’m looking forward to the album when it surfaces in March.

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