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Chris Brown – Having Problems Dealing with His Temper

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Chris Brown

The R&B artist Chris Brown has caused a storm by trashing a dressing room after being interviewed on Good Morning America. He was constantly questioned about his relationship problems with singer Rihanna which ended with Brown being prosecuted over an assault.

Chris was born on 5th May 1989 in Tappahannock, Virginia in the US (unfortunately I don’t have a birth-time). On that day there was a new moon so Brown is a double Taurus. This Sun Moon combination is really afflicted, with a very controlling and intense opposition to Pluto in secretive and jealous Scorpio. This opposition makes him ultra stubborn, ultra possessive and ultra jealous. The opposition forms a wedge with Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn at the point and Saturn/Neptune is in wide conjunction to Uranus which makes an opposition to Mars. All that emotional, controlling energy from Pluto Sun & Moon is thrown into a serious attitude (Saturn) to creation and music (Neptune). Pluto in Scorpio has thrown up a whole generation of young adults who have a dark, underground culture and this has come out in the success of urban rap & R&B.


Jupiter and Mercury sit in conjunction relatively alone in Gemini. Here is the need to communicate to a wide international audience, getting the message of his music out to the world. This position shows he has a quick versatile mind, a way with words and lyrics and is especially good for careers in TV or communicating with the public.

Saturn on Chris’ chart is retrograde which always points to problem in some way with his father. When I see this I know that either the father was away for long periods of time, was aggressive and cruel or just did not show love to him in the normal way. In Chris’ case his parents divorced and then his mother’s boyfriend was violent to her. You can see the problems, Pluto opposite Sun (Father) and Moon (Mother), the relationship disintegrated (Pluto), there was cruelty (Pluto). All this angst as well as the emotion, possessiveness and jealousy that I wrote of earlier is brought with him into his music and his relationships. Add in the Uranus/Mars opposition which is volcanic, Chris has a temper that can erupt at any time at the slightest provocation, and you can see the potential for assault and violence.

The big problem with Chris is realising that he has a problem. Saturn/Neptune is somewhat delusional, you cannot accept reality as it is. As such, Chris will never accept that he will be in the wrong. Colonel Gaddafi has the same type of problem – he has a Saturn/Uranus conjunction trine Neptune. Slightly different configuration but with a pretty similar outcome.

Right now the current Saturn/Jupiter opposition is square Chris’ natal Saturn so he faces a difficult time (Saturn) and maybe legal (Jupiter) action against him. Transiting Venus is square natal Venus so those allegations about relationships (Venus) are surfacing again in a public (Venus) way. Transiting Jupiter is square natal Neptune leaving him confused and disorientated (Neptune) and in the news (Jupiter is in Gemini conjunct Mercury ruling the press) around the world (Jupiter). Transiting Pluto has over the last couple of years been connecting with Chris’ natal Uranus and opposite natal Mars. This nasty opposition is reckless and unpredictable at the best of times, but add in Pluto and it becomes dangerous. The nature of Pluto is unrelenting and it will force him to accept his responsibilities in one way or another. I rather fear that Chris will learn the ultimate lesson in 2014 when Pluto sextiles it’s own position, conjuncts Saturn and  his Sun/Moon conjunction. Here is the potential for some sort of transformation. Hard to tell how it will finally manifest itself as I don’t have a birth-time, but for sure Chris will at that time be learning some difficult lessons.

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