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China – Is the Chinese Dragon Ready to Show It’s Teeth Again?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Chinese dragon

China, the rising power from the east, has just become the second biggest economy on the globe and is a nation industrializing and growing at an incredible rate. Without China making things, 7 out of every 10 shoes produced on planet earth is made in China, the industrial and economic world would grind to a halt. The Yuan has continually been appreciating against all major currencies for years now, as the Chinese authorities continue to protect  it’s currency by restricting imports and continue to contain national inflation rates. They say when America sneezes, the world catches a cold. The same could now be levelled against China, especially as many in the money markets are seeing the Yuan as a sure bet in hard times. So what are the chances of the Chinese economy suddenly hitting a brick wall, and causing economic panic around the world? I look at the astrology.

The Chinese natal chart was formed on 1st October 1949 in Beijing (Peking) at 15.15 hrs. This gives China a Libran Sun in the hidden 8th house, with an cool Aquarian Ascendant as well as an Aquarian Moon buried deep in the 12th house. Libra and Aquarius are social signs, and Libra more than any other is equated with equality – this is the signature of Communism and Socialism. Interestingly though, the Chinese Sun is in the 8th house of big business and other people’s finance. Fascinating how the Communist giant has suddenly transformed into an economic superpower. With an accent on the water houses the 8th & the 12, the Chinese has a way of adapting to a situation, whilst keeping their core values at heart. Very clever. The 8th house is Scorpio’s house, where change and transformation is initiated. Funny how we in the West still find the Chinese bizarre, obtuse, unusual and revolutionary – all words associated with Aquarius.

China natal

The Moon, representing the people in the 12th show that they are in effect hidden away, they suffer (12th house) and being quindecile to a brutal Pluto/Mars conjunction in regal Leo they are kept under tight control and those breaking the rules suffer terrible punishment. If ever you were to see a signature of human rights abuse, this quindecile is it. Saturn also sits in the 7th house with Pluto And Mars. China tramples over the weak and always tries to dominate in it’s relationship with other countries. The size of the armed forces (Mars) is huge (Pluto) and this enormous force of numbers does the states bidding in snuffing out any potential rebellion. Saturn is peregrine in perfectionist Virgo. This is the authorities having eyes everywhere, in every town and village across the country. Everything must be done correctly and precisely in the way of the state. This is a penal harsh Saturn. It is also a Saturn critical over other nation states and the way they do things.

Control permeates across this chart. The Midheaven representing those at the top is ruled by Scorpio, we rarely if ever see the rulers of China, they are buried away within the Forbidden City in Beijing. Pluto/Mars squares out to Venus in the 9th house. The birth rate is controlled. Sports, culture and art are strictly controlled on behalf of the nation. Sextiles from Pluto and Mars go out to Mercury and Neptune. There is no freedom of press and with Mercury retrograde, what news there is will be centred on the nation internally and not on issues outside the borders of China. Neptune in conjunction to Mercury creates a veil of deception over what is communicated – beware, what the Chinese say is not what they will plan to do!! Neptune through Pisces on the cusp of the 2nd house controls the money supply and the economy. Again through the sextile from Pluto Mars to Neptune, we know that the Chinese will tightly control their money supply.

Jupiter in the 12th house and widely conjunct to the Moon shows that faith is present but it lies underground, hidden well away from the rulers and also suggests a generosity to the people, if they were allowed to show it. Finally I look at Uranus. Uranus is square to the Sun showing that the present China was formed under revolutionary conditions ( backed up by the Aquarian ascendant). Uranus here sits in the 5th house square to the Sun and this suggests that the creative people, actors and artists will irritate the rulers. Social gatherings will also be definitely shunned upon.

Now what of the present and the future? With a Libran Sun alarm bell start ringing with me straight away. This is a cardinal Sun and as we have seen with the UK and with the US, who also have cardinal Suns (in Capricorn & Cancer) financial problems have been widespread since Pluto moved into cardinal Capricorn in October in 2008. As I see it, China’s reaction to this Pluto could be far more worrying than financial problems.

With the UK and to a lesser extent the US, the problems faced have been generally of their own making with under regulation of the banking sectors being the main problem so far. This can be seen in the conjunction  and opposition aspects from transiting Pluto; the US is currently experiencing an intense quindecile between Pluto and natal Sun seen in the frantic budget negotiations going on. The Chinese Sun is at 7 degrees Libra and as such will be receiving a square aspect. These are tricky as you never have control over the actions causing you difficulties and restraint. Pluto will stationed 7 Capricorn in March/June this year the first 4 hits to this degree. It will connect again in Jan 2012, Aug/Sep 2012 and finally in November of that year. In working out in what way China will react to this Pluto Sun square,  we must look at where Pluto and the Sun are place natally and where the signs that they rule are placed. Pluto is in the 7th house , so action will be taken in relationship to other countries and the Sun is in the 8th house so this revolves around their possessions. This immediately leads me to think of the dispute in the South China Sea over the past few months. With Vietnam China flexed it’s muscles in May over potential oil and gas supplies in Vietnamese waters and just in the past few days, China has been in dispute with the Philippines about the Parcel and Sprawls island chains, both of which China unjustly claims are in their territorial waters. Going back to the astrology, Pluto through Scorpio rules the Midheaven and the 10th house so these disputes will be hyped up to a level of national importance and pride by the leaders and Leo ruling the Sun rules the 7th House;  again we have the relationship with other countries highlighted. We know that Pluto is conjunct Mars natally, and the worrying thought is that China might flex it’s considerable military muscle to resolve these disputes.

China transit

Transiting Pluto also opposes natal Uranus at 5 degrees Cancer and Uranus rules the first house. Any action China takes will be a shock to the system, and may induce protests from those who oppose the leadership. Pluto hits and stations on 5 Capricorn, directly opposite from now through to November this year. In 1989 during the Tiananmen Square protests, transiting Uranus was in the position Pluto is in right now and transiting Saturn was square to the natal Sun. Uranus is  square to it’s own natal position right now and will return to hit in April 2012 and again at the end of 2012. The set-up now and into next year is eerily reminiscent of those violent days when the student protest were brutally crushed, although this time China is a far more developed and confident country. This time the aggression as I see it will be aimed outwards at those around her borders.

China Tiananmen

Finally on the transits chart, transiting Saturn is due to hit natal Neptune and Mercury  at 13/14 Libra in late August early September. This suggests a hit on the Chinese financial scene (Pisces ruling the 2nd house) and authority, regulations or penal rule over 5th and 8th house issues (ruled by Gemini & Virgo on the cusps), these could be social entertainments or events (5th) and the possessions of other country’s money, businesses or even their land (8th) !!

Although seemingly not as severe as the 1989 aspects, the 2011 and 2012 aspects looking ahead seem to suggest that  China is preparing to flex her might as a global superpower. Any potential conflict in the South China Sea could send the already jittery money markets around the world explode in a frenzy of panic. Watch this space in the coming months as I keep an eye on China and her horoscope.

What do you think? Am I calling this one correctly? Please feel free to comment….

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