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China Glaze: Stone Cold

By Thepolishwell @thepolishwell
Hello polished pretties!!
Ahhh.. it feels good to be doing a proper blog post!
I finally took some time off my assignments to do a quick swatch of the China Glaze Colors from the Capitol haul I received earlier last week just because... the movie is scheduled for release THIS WEEK!!
Gahhh how I wish I could watch it but I think I will have to wait until I finish my last assignment :(
Ok ok... let's not let that dampen our mood, shall we?
First up, we have Stone Cold from District 2 - Masonry! (Sounds like I'm hosting some beauty pageant haha!)
China Glaze: Stone Cold
OOOhhh... such a gorgeous black matte with silver shimmer!
Please pardon me while I marvel at it a bit more. This is my very first matte polish and I am still very fascinated by it. I can't quite pin down the look and feel of it. I had expected it to give me chalkboard-ish nails (literally) but it came out looking surprisingly chic and sophisticated looking with just a hint of androgyneity. I likee!
Time for me to get a matte topcoat and... MATTIFY EVERYTHING! *waves bottle around in excitement*
China Glaze: Stone Cold
China Glaze: Stone Cold
The application caught me by surprise though. I've read that matte polishes dry fairly quickly but I didn't quite expect it to be that quick. The first brushstroke was already drying even before I finish painting that nail!! Being the matte noob that I am, I panicked a little and tried to do a second coat to smooth things out. Of course, I only made things worse. -_- lol! Thankfully, the polish smoothed itself out after a little while and I had my first set of perfect matte nails :D
And just because the silvery shimmers were begging me to let them shine... I added a top coat just to see how they will look:
China Glaze: Stone Cold
China Glaze: Stone Cold
China Glaze: Stone Cold
China Glaze: Stone Cold
Ahhh... shimmery dark beauty!! Wurrveeeee!
What do you think of Stone Cold? What are your favorite matte polishes?
Stay tuned for more Hunger Games polishes coming up this week! :D
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