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Children at Your Wedding

By Tootie2208


children at your wedding

Children at Your Wedding

How to have children at your wedding

      Having children at your wedding has been a subject that been around for a long time.  The right wedding etiquette was once thought to be NO children at weddings as it was not the best place for them to be as they would get board and run amok,  and find mischief.   Times are changing with many people out there that have children first, and who would not want their own children at their wedding.   For the bride and groom who do not want children to attend its simply just do not invite them, most people understand, although there is always   a few that will protest.   The way to handle that is to tell them straight “sorry no children”and be firm.   Remember  to add at the bottom of your wedding invitation that your wedding reception is a child free event.   Having a flower girl and page boy are a wonderful addition to your bridal party, and if your wedding is a no children wedding , then the easiest   thing to do is arrange a sitter to pick them up after the photography is over.Keeping children entertained   Weddings and children can be a good thing as long as your got something to occupy them so they wont get board.   Most function centers will have   some sort of spare room to the side and is perfect to use as a childrens room for activities.   Having an adult to supervise is wise. Arrange for them   to have assorted art and craft items,  maybe board games, or set up little games for them.   As the night wears on depending on their age they may need to go to bed so having their parents bring a sleeping bag is always a good idea.  A small television and dvd will help settle them.Maybe early in the evening organize a special dance for the children, this way the will have a bit of fun while feeling part of the celebration. This way they will be quite happy to then move to the activity room set for them.
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