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Chicken Livers Lebanese Style

By Guvi @Guvi9

This recipe comes from Dana who in turn got it from Sarah_nc, and it is a tasty, beautiful one. It necessitates:
- 2 tbsp olive oil - 1 small red onion (which I replaced with yellow, it was too hot to go shopping just for an onion), cut in quarters - 1/2 lb chicken livers, cleaned - 1/4 tsp allspice - salt and pepper to taste - juice from 1/2 lemon - 3 cloves garlic, grated - pinch of hot pepper (I replaced with hot paprika)
Heat the oil in a skillet, place the cut onion in the middle then add the chicken livers. Sprinkle with the allspice, salt and pepper
Chicken Livers Lebanese Style
then cover the skillet and let the livers cook for as much as you want (I did so for about 8 minutes).  In the meantime, get the garlic, lemon juice and hot peppers ready. Once the livers are done, turn off the heat, add the garlic, lemon juice and hot peppers
Chicken Livers Lebanese Style
stir, cover it again and let it sit for another 10 minutes. I served it with the leek and tomatoes rice pilaf.  The sauce is just amazing! Enjoy!

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