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Center Spread with Kayode Ajomole

By Biolaephesus60 @biolaephesus

I knew him first when he attended a gathering and I was curious. He struck me as a self-contained young man not given to the exuberance of young men his age.
I learned to yawn each time I saw these half-clad young lions who had very little to say for themselves beyond money, sex and drugs.
He stood out, calm, his own person and over months I became really curious.
Personable, gentlemanly and yes courteous with a charm that made you want to know more.
Kayode Ajomole is a young man who is facing tomorrow with a calm determination that is endearing.
I read his book ..Think….. That was deep coming from a young man,
The book covers a variety of subjects, did not want to call it a motivational book because it invites you to yes…think.Center Spread with Kayode Ajomole
Let me give a few samples I found intriguing:
The mind, dump the baggage, poverty,, societal illusions, minimal thinking, the politician and the statesman
When I finished reading, I decided I needed to have a conversation with Kayode.
Join me as I invite Kayode on Center spread.
1. I am kind of curious about the title of your book..Think, care to explain to us why?Center Spread with Kayode Ajomole
I believe we all have idiosyncrasies but oft times we are not aware of them. And when we are confronted with things that tend to challenge this idiosyncrasy, we shrink from the possibility of knowing that we have been wrong all the time. So we prefer to keep holding on to all that we used to believe. is more comfortable. Think is a call to deep thinking, it’s a call to ask questions. it’s a call to test our assumptions on the litmus of truths. we must think, and think upon resources that are variegated so we can draw enriching perspectives. We can be narrow-minded. It is irrational

2. Tell us about yourself
I have a lot of thoughts bubbling up in my head, so I write to keep myself light. I am enthused by Art and its many splinters. Interestingly, I co-founded a Business intelligence firm focused on helping organizations move forward. If I am not writing or singing, I am definitely consulting for startups and business owners.

3. Generally, in this part of the world, young men are in a, hurry to make money. How will you place your book, motivational?
I’ll let the reader decide this.
4. How do we think intentionally?
It’s the same way we build our muscles. We carry weights. We challenge our threshold. To think intentionally, resolve is most important. The individual must come to the point where he/she knows that thinking intentionally is of much importance as breathing, else the effort will be abandoned when it becomes really demanding.

Next is to identify books and resources that you’d normally not read. I recommend that you find someone who you admire their thoughts, read their books and the authors they recommend. Exposure is the gateway to newness. the individual must strive to become adventurous. You must be humble to ask questions of yourself and your teachers. They enrich your mental resources.

It’s a process I believe

Center Spread with Kayode Ajomole

5. Your book is a bit of everything, including Religion, in the style of today, and pastors being seen as general spiritual highwaymen, how do we think about religion?
the scriptures (the holy bible) does not speak against religion. The writer of James in the 1st chapter and the 27th verse identifies true religion as visiting the fatherless and widows, and to keep oneself from being unspotted by the world.
Although many men have come up with their idea of religion. We do not judge guns because terrorists use them to kill even though it was built to protect us, man’s inconsistencies will always be expressed when he takes noble things and seeks to perpetuate his self ambitions through it. such is the fate of religion.

6. Do you think Religion is a form of business?
Some have made it so, but it shouldn’t be
7. What do you want readers of your book to come away with?
A decision to challenge conventions and move ahead no matter what
8. Who is your indeed audience?
I’d say individuals between 20 and 40
9. Do you write as a matter of inclination or as a means of income?
Both. I write both as an art and a craft
10. What has been the reception of the intended audience to this ook?
As a first time author, the reception has been slow, but it’s readers have poured a lot of adulation on the book. I hope it will convince more book lovers to purchase the book and love my works
11. Any other work in progress?
12. Please give links to where, how we can get copies of the book

Center Spread with Kayode Ajomole

Books are available online on Amazon. To get paperback copies, call 08034481270
13. Thank you for coming on Centerspread
Grateful for the honour, Ma. Thank you

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