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Celebs and Their Dramatic Post-pregnancy Weight Loss

By Tempestra @tempestra1

Gah!  Today I opened the paper to be confronted with photos of Victoria Beckham looking as skinny as ever, in a sultry lingerie photoshoot.  The woman only gave birth a matter of weeks ago, so how on earth does she do it?  Expensive personal trainer?  A diet of seeds and lettuce?  Or perhaps it was a tummy tuck at the same time as her c-section (this is the way many celebs are rumoured to do it!)?  Most likely, it is all three!Celebs and their dramatic post-pregnancy weight loss

Honestly, it makes me so mad when I see these images of VB along with other miraculously-thin-post-partum mothers, such as Miranda Kerr, Myleene Klaas and Heidi Klum.  Strutting down catwalks less than 6 months after giving birth….it’s as if they’d never been through the process of piling on pounds and feeling far too exhausted in those crazy newborn days to even think about going to the gym.

For those of you who are probably thinking I am jealous, well OK yes, that may be a part of it!  But seriously, it cannot be healthy.  The rule of thumb is that it takes the same time to lose the weight as it does to put it on (i.e. 9 months).   I did it over a year ago now and I still have a muffin top.  I am still wearing shapewear on my rare evenings out.  And yes, I am still struggling to find that energy to go to the gym.  But I also know that this is all completely normal.  Those celebs who fill our glossy mags with their perfectly flat tums, pert bottoms and cellulite-free legs just weeks after welcoming their new arrivals to the world are most definitely the exception, not the norm.

Slow but steady progress is my motto – and I’m sticking to it!

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