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Celebration of Buddha Purnima

By Anooppt @anoopppt

Celebration of Buddha Purnima in Darjeeling Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti is one of the most celestial festivals which are celebrated to commemorate the birth, attainment of Knowledge and the death of Lord Buddha. Buddha Purnima is an important date in Buddhist calendar because during this time Buddhist people celebrate the fiesta with great honor and enthusiasm.
Buddhist Legend According to folklore Buddha’s wife, his first follower Ananda, his charioteer Channa and his Kanataka were all born on the divine day of Buddha jayanti and assembling the spiritual core of all incident legends decided to call it Buddha Purnima which defines the majestic phenomenon. Celebration of Buddha Purnima in Darjeeling
Significance of Buddha Purnima It would be very shocking to learn that the day when Buddha Purnima is celebrated was the day when Lord Buddha was born, Attained enlightenment and gained nirvana. Although this threefold path sounds coincidental but spiritual heads and Buddhist people believes that it was divine conglomeration which was pre meditated before his arrival.
Celebration of Buddha Purnima in Darjeeling Celebration of Buddha Purnima In Darjeeling During the eve of Buddha Purnima which is celebrated during the months between April and May millions of devote gathers around the site of Buddhist Monastery like Japanese temple, Dali Gompa, Ghoom Monastery, Tamang Gompa etc and carries out procession around Bazaar which is generally called parikrama.
Celebration of Buddha Purnima in DarjeelingWhile carrying out the procession they holds the flags that connotes the teaching of Lord Buddha, carries placards and sacred Buddhist text and marches along with local people, Buddhist monks who holds the special chariot plays traditional music to announce their procession.
Celebration of Buddha Purnima in DarjeelingDuring the time of festivals almost every shops of Darjeeling are closed which in turn allows mass participation of people. Procession generally starts from Japanese temples and ends at Chowrasta road where vivid traditional programmes would guide local to enjoy the course.
Buddha Purnima for local people especially for Buddhist people is like Diwali of Hindu and during this day many philanthropists and businessman gathers in and offers their homage to monastery by donating some amount. Other people around Darjeeling holds stall and provide energy drinks to participator.
Celebration of Buddha Purnima in Darjeeling
After it calls an end of Parikrama at Chowrasta local people gathers in around Japanese temple where temple authority and local management team offers every devotee a piece of their delicacies to thank their participation.
Other Rituals and Observance of Buddha Purnima During this festival birds are freed from cages as they manifest the quotation of peace and to support the cause of humanity free clothes, foods and medicine are distributed.
Local prayers and sermons are performed and preached to illustrate the glory of Gautama Buddha. Beside that holy scriptures are read and local comes in numbers to listen to the tale of Lord Buddha which is preached by senior monks of monastery.
Celebration of Buddha Purnima in Darjeeling Offering of incense, flowers, candles and fruit are general practice beside that on this day people takes pledge to stand on Panchaseel which is defined as core of Buddhism.
Tourism Importance Since we understand months of April and May are core of Darjeeling tourism so during the time of Buddha Purnima you will witness number of Tourist coming to commemorate the deeds of Lord Buddha.

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