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Carson & Trump: When Political Incompetence Becomes a GOP Freakout

Posted on the 15 November 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
In the most enjoyable and fascinating Republican Primary in history, two Clowns...yes! even the GOP's upper echelon is now confessing that these two characters, truly 'are' Clowns!...Ben "The Doc" Carson vs. Donald "The Prince of Ego" Trump has made all those Republicans who tend to get off on the Party's Batshit Genre, believe there's hope for true total lunacy in the Party! Yes, Stupid is as Stupid Does in today's GOP... while in the meantime, having them all forget about the bad memories of the existence of Michele The Welfare Queen and Mr. 999, the Pizza Man!
Yes! it's a whole new world out there, and with it comes a whole New Republican Party...a Party that could only be described as an aberration of an entity, on the Far Far Side of the Bizarre!
A batshit reality show fit to Keep Up with the Kardashians...Keeping Up with the GOP's A Thousand Clowns, is truly the best reality on TV!
Example: The Donald is now after Dr. Ben for his knife wielding wild youth...trying to prove that he's a phony that didn't stab anyone, while mocking Carson’s claim on the attempted stabbing of a friend or a relative...that Carson's knife broke before he could succeed...breaking the blade on the belt buckle! 
A Human Idiot trying to convince his audience and the rest of the world watching, that another Human Idiot is dumber than he is!...while the world already knew all along Dr. Ben's story about his "rough childhood" just being the figment of a young Nerdy Boy's imagination...a little Nerd who could only watch the drama of life on the streets of Detroit from his window, while taking a break from his studies. There's nothing tough about Ben Carson, and even less about the Trumpster...who talks tough but who's nothing other than a little man...not necessarily physically...just little!
The Republican Clown Show is about to get canceled on Nov. 8th, 2016...and the Republicans are quite aware of that! Panic is beginning to set in the RNC and all mainstream Dumbo circles around the country.  With the only Candidates consistently polling on top being two totally politically incompetent human beings, and natural targets with a big "I'm a Sucker, just Ask Me" sign written on their foreheads for every leader in the world...friend or take advantage of. The upper echelon is seriously looking at viable alternatives, while attempting to change the directions of their own long journey on their highway to hell.
In a Republican Party, where every viable Pro Politico running for President is polling southward!...deep, deep south! And their best 3 Candidates are; 1) An Egocentric, Narcissistic Misogynist turned vile & hateful Sociophobe. 2) A formerly brilliant Surgeon and Medical Science Professor, now living a life in the childhood he missed in his own mind. 3) A former CEO and the Corporation's official "Witch" who's biggest claim to fame was her firing by the Board of Directors for her incompetence in running Hewlett-Packard!
And now, the talk of bringing back Mitt Romney that it's echoing throughout the GOP World. Bringing back someone who is guaranteed to lose...again! And set him up this time with Marco Rubio...cause he's the least offensive of the trash remaining. Someone who's going to attract the Hispanic Vote? Are you fricken kidding? If Rubio ever wins the Senate Seat again, it's going to be from other parts of the Sunshine State cause Little Havana and Cubans throughout Florida are not about to give this little kid their vote!
In a Tweet that's gone viral by Hispanic Activists, the following message is in may translate it if you wish: "Esta Comunidad no se prestara para esto. Exigimos Respeto y Dignidad para todos los Inmigrantes en este País!"
My Translation: You're not getting the Cuban or any of the Hispanic vote, Marquito!! Tu eres un descarado, mi hermano!!
Whether it's the last Act of Desperate Party or first Act of Henry V...the GOP appears to be looking for some sort of a graceful way out, instead of the total annihilation of a landslide worse than Goldwater's, that all their strategists reluctantly agree is going to happen!
Mittens and the Aquafina Boy! Can anyone buy that? A man who's already hated for his character and visions, running with his same old shtick...and a wonder boy wannabee whose true character on finance resembles Romney, but Socially swings far more to the Far Right than what Romney's sense of Aristocracy would like to put up with. But! at least they could win a few states and not embarrass the Grand Old Party.
When they say that; "most 'High-Level Republicans' privately believe that [Carson or Trump] are just not fit to be President and Commander In Chief"...traditional Republicans are fearing their demise. Forget winning 2016! they are in the fight of their lives and for the control of Party's Ideology.
The demise?...the Fall of the Grand Old Party started when Batshit Prose was permitted to take center stage at a political theater that once believed in the courtesy and respect of Political Decorum...and now, abide by political gutter language, trash talk, and disrespectful remarks and insinuations. The Ghosts of their Honored Past must be rolling and rolling in their spot, as they watch the Gutter that calls itself The Republican Party, today!
How does a Trump/Carson Ticket sound? Exactly how the GOP's top brass feels!! How about Romney/Rubio? Does it really matter?...a bigger or smaller loss doesn't matter...they're losing either way. It's what happens afterwards with the GOP...and whether they can keep control or lose it to the Far Right Wing of the Party.
Do I care? It was the establishment of the Republican Party who accepted the taste of Tea...they created their own mess by welcoming and accepting "Idiocracy". If they succeed and get rid of their taste for Tea? Congratulations! now you know what freedom really is! If they lose and Idiocracy becomes the law of the land? There's the Door, don't let it hit ya on your way out!!  
Top Republicans Admit That Ben Carson and Donald Trump Aren't Fit To Be Commander In Chief

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