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Caramelized Asparagus Strawberry Salad.

By Nonibaumann

caramelized asparagus strawberry salad.
there has been loads of asparagus eating within the last week. but what should I say, we love it and never get tired of it, especially in spring season.
so I thought I´d share one of our favorite recipes, from these days, it´s rich and super easy, and I mean strawberry and asparagus are one of these things, that are just meant to be:) :
caramelized asparagus strawberry salad:

caramelized asparagus strawberry salad.
You`ll need:
600 g asparagus, green
400 g strawberries
60g pine nuts
2 tbsp icing sugar
  some vegetable broth

  3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, white
  1 tablespoon vinegar (sherry vinegar)
  4 tablespoons oil (canola or safflower oil)
  1 tablespoon oil (walnut or pine nut oil)
   Salt and pepper

caramelized asparagus strawberry salad.caramelized asparagus strawberry salad.
First, the asparagus has to be cleaned and after that cut diagonally into bite-sized pieces Now let the icing sugar caramelize slightly, add the pine nuts and after that  the asparagus piecesstir in the caramelized sugar just for around 3 minutes After that pour some vegetable broth over all this ( ca. 75ml) and let it simmer for another 3 minutes, then the asparagus should be ready and al dente. Let it cool down.
  Now the dressing can be prepared: mix the vinegars, oils, salt and pepper Place the still warm 
asparagus in the dressing to marinate
Finally clean and cut the strawberries and add it to the mix. It doesn`t matter if it`s still a bit warm, 
so the taste will get even more intense.
caramelized asparagus strawberry salad.
Bon appetite!

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