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Capitulate. One Word (Friday!)

By Jenrene

 So,  I just realized that I can do my ONE WORD SERIES  any day I desire, because I created it.  (Smile) 


 THE  WORD — Capitulate  partly means to surrender under agreed conditions.

Agreement is a really important  factor in getting along with others.  Relationships are something I love. One of the hardest challenges I have with people though, sometimes is coming into agreement. Because I love to work with teams, I  really enjoy what happens with teams when we AGREE. There’s just a different kind of ENERGY in the room.

Now, this word is pretty significant, because it speaks of the fact that  surrender is involved.

I looked it up further, and found this  AWESOME meaning : “to give up resistance.”  Put in a sentence: “He finally capitulated and agreed to do the  job my way.”

Whew…. giving up resistance  can be a humongous  challenge, for some. Why? Because  sometimes  you often are challenged where you resist the most. Perfect example: recently I  felt led by God to move on and do something else with my profession. To take it to the next level. I  really kind of bucked against the notion of leaving. I struggled with it for about  five months, in fact. But I had no peace. In my mental and emotional struggle I  began to  feel all out of sorts, and finally relented and decided to  allow myself to grieve  it, because I knew that I always end up doing what God wants me to do, and eventually it would happen, anyway.

Everyone that knows me, knows I love the word acquiesce.  To acquiesce simply means: to yield without protesting.  I remember when the word was first introduced to me, I must have been studying in the Word, because  since then I have  to do a self-evaluation  and recognize if it’s a regular practice. It helps keep me humble, to be honest. Helps me realize it’s not always about me.

( Here is another link to read on it.) The funny thing as I studied this word, I found the word crown. I thought that was so interesting, because in everything I do, I search for meaning. The word crown is always significant for me, because  it means to wear ceremonial headgear. Just yesterday, I crowned a young woman and gave her a tiara in my program, because she had achieved and amazing feat.  We all have crowns to wear. We all can achieve. But we cannot do it without a voice,  our  strength, our dignity and our honor.

I am always reaching, searching pondering over my inheritance in the Lord. If you are wondering what that it, you have to read my book, and the chapter titled: Your Inheritance.   In order to know what your inheritance is, you first have to recognize how to walk in grace. God’s grace is always present, but to walk in grace, is a feat in and of itself!

Here’s a quote from my book: “Grace also means strength and power. Strength means: having the energy or power necessary to resist stress. It also means:  having the capacity to get something moving in the right direction. Strength serves you. It gives you the capacity to develop strategies and not give up easily, as well as offers you the propensity needed to war against your enemies that are seen and unseen. The enemy daily contends with us to deceive and deprive us of our blessings in the Lord.”

Which is all the more reason to  know where God ‘s grace is leading you. if you  follow it, and obey, it may lead you places you have never thought imaginable. So what does capitulating how to do with all this? Well, I would  venture to say  you need to  figure out where you can come into agreement with the Master, and His plan, so you can be blessed! That happens by listening and honoring God by communicating with Him daily, and allowing His word to give you guidance.

So lately, I have been  working out this word : Selfless.  Selfless  is my word for the year I’ve  chosen to follow and help lead me into much  greater character. I can  honestly say… it’s working. I am truly turning into a better person by listening, leaning into and watching for this one word to manifest in my life. And by working  towards agreement and capitulating until it happens, I am like so  … THERE. * (For lack of a better word).

Surrender,  may be one of the factors involved in  decent capitulating, but so also is  communication, and  boundaries!

 So where’s your strength, today?  Where has God graced your abilities so you don’t settle for less?

   So.. the lesson today is: Don’t sell yourself short by choosing not to communicate how you feel about something, and  embracing the good, but  don’t allow for  resistance, either. Take the time to come into agreement, and recognize who isn’t on your playing field. Realize that sometimes people  won’t be in agreement with you, and you will have to move on. But don’t acquiesce with  a proud spirit,  just let go.

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