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Cancer – Old Myths & New Alternatives

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

Taboo and Curse  Cancer – Old Myths & New Alternatives

Cancer; THE BIG “C”, has many and varied superstitions, rituals, cures and bizarre cures down through the eras. Whilst researching my book Aromatherapy & Herbalism - The Complete Home User’s Guide, I came across so much that I could not possibly fit into one book. Aromatherapy & Herbalism is written in alphabetical order and uses both essential oils, flowers and herbs to treat anything from acne, anxiety, asthma, apathy, cystitis, depression, druff, eczema, flu, fears and phobias…etc, physical and psychological ailments. I will also share with you a few recipes that have been known to slow-down the progress of cancer in the body.

 Here are some of the most unusual cures, treatments etc., I came across for Cancer:

* Cure for breast cancer - rubbing a toad against the affected breast

* A lucky horseshoe tuned upside-down so that it makes a “U” will draw cancer from the house if nailed to the front door

* Rub a clove of garlic on an open cancerous wound to destroy it

* If a bird flies into your window it means that someone in the house will develop/or has cancer

* A spoon of Castor Oil a day is meant to keep cancer away

* A mixture of a pigs ear, barley and animal fat daily was assured to rid a patient of cancer

* Drink nettle juice at the start of every year to keep from getting black bile which causes cancer

* People who bleed with cancer were avoided as it was believed it could be caught by the affected persons blood

* Moisture or dew gathered after a full moon was often used to treat cancer patients

* Further back in time it was believed that cancer was a demon hiding inside a human body

* Place the patient in a circle made from lime on the night of a full moon and scatter vinegar onto their torso

* In Egypt, ointments, enemas, suppositories and poultices were commonly used

* Drink warm bats blood mixed with mint  

Cancer – Old Myths & New Alternatives

Today, cancer is not a life-sentence and with modern science, we have moved away from the realm of superstition and religion. However, there are some highly effective alterative ways of treating cancer. Some cancer patients have received excellent results while taking Canadian Essiac during their battle against cancer. Essiac – (it must be the original recipe from Canada), developed by the Indians hundreds of years ago, has proven to boost the immune system and help fight against the effects of cancer.

Chinese medicine, herbal teas and supplements really do help you to build up your body in order to be fit enought to fight against cancer. By using both ancient and modern science which, can and do, compliment each other, you will give yourself the best prognosis of treating or curing your cancer.


Ban zhi lian - this herb has an anti-neoplastic property and if used with another herb Bai Hau will give you a very strong mixture to fight against cancer in your body.

Tu Fu Ling - this would be used for cancer of the liver or bladder. Studies on animals have proven that this is a very strong and highly effective herb in the fight against cancer.

Lu Gen - This stops your body from producing a certain type of protein which cancerous cells need to survive.


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