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Can You Lose Weight Long-Term With LCHF?

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

Can You Lose Weight Long-Term With LCHF?

Is it possible to lose weight long-term on a LCHF diet? The scientific literature shows good results (better than on other diets) but the longest trials are two years in duration. What about the effect after that? We don’t know for sure.

However, it’s possible to look at people eating LCHF for a long time to get a general idea. One impressive example is my fellow Swede Tommy Runesson. He’s been eating a strict LCHF diet for three years, documenting everything thoroughly on his English blog. Today he sums up the results:

Eat Low Carb High Fat: Three years with LCHF and -203,3 lbs

Congratulations Tommy!

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