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Can the High Black Crime Rate Be Modified By the Environment?

Posted on the 16 May 2014 by Calvinthedog

Jason Y writes:

The black crime tendency might be due to high testosterone. However, with religious training, that can be brought under control.

Could be a variety of factors:

  1. High testosterone
  2. Short time preference (see the bling phenomenon)
  3. High impulsiveness
  4. Relatively lower IQ, particularly in Africa and the Caribbean but less so in the US and UK.

Probably a perfect storm.

At least some of those factors may be biological. But Blacks are not doomed; they only inherit a tendency towards these things. There are certain environments that can greatly reduce many typical Black pathologies.

Blacks do great under Islam. Pretty low crime and violence rates, most of them work hard, and the squalor is very much reduced. You go to a Black Muslim state in Africa, and things are much more sane and orderly than you might find in your typical Christian-animist West African hellhole entropic Road Warrior state.

Blacks also do great under Communism. Cuba is full of Blacks, but the violent crime rate there is low and Havana is said to be the safest large city in Latin America in terms of violent crime.

Black people are not genetically doomed to chaos, squalor, idleness, doping and drinking, and massive crime. It ends up that way a lot, but there are certain environments you can put Blacks in that really shape them up a lot.

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