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Can Only Whites Do Liberalism?

Posted on the 05 December 2013 by Calvinthedog


An old post of mine, posted at a prominent Liberal-Left forum. Actually, this forum isn’t really even liberal, it’s mostly Leftist, especially the Cultural Left in all of its insanity. It dedicated to opposing fundamentalist Christianity, and this is the second of my articles that they have posted. An extremely large number of the posters are homosexuals or bisexuals. Many of the women are fiercely feminist. In other words, it’s Hell on Earth. I am not a fundamentalist Christian. In fact, I can’t stand them, so I don’t see why these idiots post my stuff.

They are calling me the usual things  – saying that I hate minorities (I don’t) and women (I sure don’t, and I am even a former member of the National Organization for Women). In other words, they are calling me racist and sexist. They are also calling me White Nationalist. It says right in the article that I am not one, and the truth is that I hate those people. When they posted the other article, they called me anti-gay or homophobic (I’m not – I am on the mailing list of gay organizations and I help their political causes).

It seems like all the Left can do is call names.

The truth is that I am completely rejected by the Left. Many Left forums have bans against posting my stuff. Those that don’t usually order my stuff taken down right away. Others lock the threads and say, “We don’t need to be discussing this stuff on here.” In other words, they censor me and don’t even think people should read my stuff. I number of leftwing friends have ended friendships with me over my politics. They say I am a reactionary, a racist, a fascist, etc.

The Left wants nothing to do with me, and I want nothing to do with the Right, so politically speaking, I am essentially homeless.

Liberal race realism is a lonely place to be. You basically end up getting attacked by all sides and you have no friends.

Unfortunately, I think the post might be correct. Only Whites can do liberalism. The other races just can’t do it. Is it true?

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