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Camera Dreams

By Jenrene


So I am learning how to use my camera more each day. It feels very good because it helps to know what you are doing with such a complex instrument. It hasn’t been easy and Facebook has become my best friend, because people now ask me now to do photographic work for them.
So I must share my earliest love for pictures.
I believe it began when I was a girl and loved going on family rides in our Impala. Sometimes dad would pile the whole family in and we’d all go “out the country.” My love for nature grew out of fond memories and memories of  a love for adventure. We also would travel to Georgia every summer to see my grandmothers aunts and cousins. Pictures were What we would do to capture memories. Moments with family brought great joy and a love for travel, pictures and family.
As I contemplate today what I love, it all stems from the connections made and the intimacies involved in making memories fond. Photos just seem to capture such pleasure. I have my dad to thank. He never went any place without capturing our fun. I am grateful for his life of sobriety for I may not have this wonderful gift to offer you, today, nor recognize the value of sharing it all. The intimacy of pictures  are sacred. Capturing a moment in time can  bring you back to that place and fill your heart with warm fuzzies.

For the maturity in my  photographic work, I have my husband to thank. He has  really encouraged me to learn all I can, and made a HUGE sacrifice to  work with me to make a professional investment. Although he knew this could easily be a hobby, i was talented to do so much more. I have a rush of excitement now, when I travel, because I want to capture all there is and share it with the world, and those who have not been there before.


So take sometime to “slow your roll” families…capture the  memories and print out all your favorite photos in a small album,  place them on the coffee table, and  instead of turning on the TV, just share, talk about the fun, and  consider leaving a legacy like my Daddy did for me.

Peace and Love, Jen

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