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Calories Busted By Cafe Culture

By Gerard @presurfer

Calories Busted By Cafe Cultureimage credit
In a fast-paced world, demand for tasty, convenient food 'to go' has spiralled. But before you stop to buy your next cup of Italian-inspired coffee or a burger in a box, you might want to check how many calories they contain. Did you know, for example, that consuming these two items could wipe out more than half of your daily calorie allowance? Add a muffin and a milkshake to the order and you could have your full quota, even if it's still only lunchtime.
Dietitians say the figures might come as a surprise to some. People don't necessarily realise what they are consuming. Without clear calorie labelling, it is easy to see how someone might consume - without any guilt - an entire day's calories in just one sitting.The Presurfer

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