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Call Me Easy, But I Liked This

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Sometimes we can learn things in the oddest of places. From a greeting card (have you seen the ones about STDS?), from the quote on someone’s t-shirt (“I Like to Fart on the First Date” <-this would be good to know), even from an advertisement (gasp!). 

Take 3 minutes to watch this if you haven’t already. It will make you THINK and FEEL, even if it is  promoting a product.

This video has gained a lot of criticism for the reasons outlined HERE. Some say that it focuses too much on external beauty (yes, it’s hard to sketch internal beauty). Some say that it makes “women their own enemies” (uh, yeah, this is often the case).

Call me easy to please, but I happen to like the video and the message. It exposes the extent that we are overly critical of ourselves. We don’t realize our self worth. We judge ourselves much more harshly than we would our best friend. Mostly, we simply do not see the best in ourselves, preferring instead to focus on qualities we deem negative.

Damn! You mean not everyone sees my pointy chin, my overgrown eyebrows, my long second toe, my uneven complexion the same way I do?

Yes, this video highlights the external features of a woman. It is after all, promoting a beauty product. In this day and age there are hundreds of ways to promote products. Some companies do it by featuring scantily clad women rolling around on car hoods eating cheeseburgers.  Some do it in a way that causes the viewer to stop and think, and might potentially have a positive impact.

I think the video is challenging us to see the bests parts of ourselves, inside and out. Period. (okay, and maybe to buy Dove soap).

The first thing I wanted to do was to show this to my 12 year old daughter. I want her to never be afraid to notice and embrace her own beauty, be it internally or externally. More than anything I want her to RECOGNIZE this beauty and not continually hold it up against some unachievable standard set up in the media.

Here’s the thing. It’s not just about failing to recognize our outside beauty. When we are asked to describe ourselves in terms of our personalities, we often veer towards what we perceive as negative: shy, controlling, nervous, spacey, anxious, pessimistic, irritable.

Some even do it with running. Often when I ask someone who they are as a runner they will say:

Out of shape


No, this ad didn’t make me want to run out and buy Dove soap. And, no I am not interested in the fact that Dove is owned by Unilver, which makes Axe and Slimfast products. I am interested in the fact that the message is powerful and universal (the last line of the video), “Why do we analyze all of the things that are not quite right instead of appreciating the things we do like?”

I ask you – what makes you feel better about yourself and your world? Putting attention on what you are grateful for and what you have to offer, or focusing on what your life lacks and what you don’t like about yourself?

Thoughts on the video?

Are you self critical? About what? Yes I am. About lots of things. Pooping on the run. Yelling at my kids. Forgetting someone’s birthday. Burning the casserole. Getting injured. Writing a stupid blog post.


PS: You have to admit, forensic sketching is pretty cool. Maybe I should do that with the rest of my life.

PPS: A male parody was done on this video. I have to say it is hilarious. See it HERE.

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