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Cable Cars in Darjeeling

By Anooppt @anoopppt

Darjeeling is known as the “Queen of the hills” lets you to experience fabulous cable cars. It is a great opportunity for you to explore such unique transport system in the hills of Darjeeling. So do not delay, make your visit to such destinations and grab the opportunity. It is a major attraction in Darjeeling tourism and also a promoting one. At the north point, Singamri at a distance of nearly 3 kms downtown from the main market is located the Darjeeling ropeway or the ranjeet valley ropeway. It lets a wonderful tour to the tourists over the sprawling tea gardens of Darjeeling. One can have the panoramic view of the majestic Kanchenjunga and the nearby hills as one travels in these cable cars. The cable transportation is also known as the ropeway. It is the oldest transporting system in Darjeeling that connects the town with the Singamri bazar. The ropeway makes your travel over the clouds from where you can witness the aerial view of the verdant greenery of the universally known tea garden.

Cable cars in Darjeeling

Cable cars in Darjeeling

It was first introduced on the hills of Darjeeling in the year 1968 by the F.D.D (forest development department). It is said to be one of the lengthiest ropeway in Asia and also the first bi-cable car in the nation. The ride is about 45 minutes embracing lofty mountains, valleys, tea plantations and thrilling waterfalls. The transportation was stopped in the year 2003 due to maintenance work for the betterment and the safety of the tourist visiting every weekend. It is now available these days. So, be the one to experience such a thrill one in your entire life. (for More Information...)

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