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C'mon Ches Cook up Some-event Announcement

By Harini
Hello friends,
After the making of bread,soups,starters and welcome drinks,now it is time for a filling,healthy scrumptious main dish.Yes it is going to be a nice main dish that you great chefs are going to cook up this month.I am very happy to announce the third round of my C'mon chefs cook up some event, and not to forget there is an exciting giveaway this month too.It is going to be a lovely cook book from my favorite chef Sanjeev kapoor and two lucky winners will be selected for the prize.Here we go with the rules
C'mon ches cook up some-event announcement
1.Cook any vegetarian main dish (anything right from Indian rice,flat bread to international cuisine like pizza,pasta,anything that strikes your fancy and you would serve as a main dish.) that is filling and loved by a crowd.
2.If you are a blogger blog about the recipe between Jan 10 - Feb 10 2014 and link it to this page giving a back link to this announcement page.Usage of logo is appreciated.
3.Any number of fresh entries and max 3 archived entries is allowed.For archived entries please update the post with back link and event announcement.
4.Non bloggers please send your recipes along with one picture to cookclickndevourATgmailDOTcom
5.Winner will be selected by a random poll.
What are you waiting for,start linking your delicious starters right now :)
Thank you! Link your delicious recipes here

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