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C'est Moi

By Sarahhhp @SarahhhP

I wanted to do a post that summed me up in a nutshell, so here it is :) Sarah in six points!
1. I'm a hoarder - I buy things, especially clothes and shoes that I have absolutely no intention of wearing at the time. I tell myself that they'll "come in handy" or if I'm being totally honest, the most common excuse I use if I fall in love something that just isn't my size is that "I'll squeeze into it one day" - I'm sure we've all done that, right!? No?? Well admittedly, it's a pretty annoying habit to have and I'm trying my best to kick it!
2. Less is more - I'm talking make up. And if I'm honest, the reason "less is more" in this instance is because I simply can't be bothered with all the faffing applying layers of make up involves. Don't get me wrong, I do wear the stuff - but on a day to day basis you won't find me caking on the foundation etc... There are three items I'd class as being "essentials" within my make up bag and they are; lipstick, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil. The rest I could happily live without.

C'est Moi

Just a small sample of the stuff I've managed to buy and never use! Maybe it's time I eBay-ed it up?

3. Music is the mediator - Nearly everyone says the same thing, but music plays a big part in my life. I'm not a snob when it comes to musical taste - each to their own that's what I say. I'm just as happy to be sat listening to Coldplay as I am Metallica - so I suppose you'd describe what I like as being pretty 'varied' to say the least. Like most people though, I do have my favourites - and there's no way I could live without the 70's sounds of Queen and Genesis 
4. Small town girl - I am originally from a little village near the town of Llangollen in North Wales and had lived there all my life until moving to Liverpool for uni in 2008. Since then I have realised that I am actually much more of a city girl at heart as opposed to the country bumpkin I'd been brought up to be. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to chops and change it up a bit and I enjoy the odd countryside excursion, but if given the choice I'd pick the hustle and bustle of city life any day.

C'est Moi

♡  Freddie, I  ♡  Phil

5. Nervous Nelly - I am incredibly shy. This probably stems from how insecure I often feel about my appearance - and it's a bit of a vicious circle really. I become convinced that just because I don't always throw myself into things with as much vigour as I'd like - that people take this to mean that I am either rude or boring. I'd like to think that I am in fact neither and that I do just need a bit of coaxing/several alcoholic beverages down me before I feel able to to unleash the 'real me'.
6. Anything but ordinary (please) - Yes, to quote Avril (ha!), I have a problem with people who judge others for being a little bit "different". I mean this in pretty general terms, though as far as a person's sense of style is concerned; as outrageous/kitsch/obscene as I may think it is, my attitude to this is always going to be - kudos to them! My own style is far from outrageous. I won't lie, I do like to try and stand out a little bit - I like bright colours, big hair, a fair bit of animal print etc... but whenever I'm at home, the "small town mentality" there means I get looked at like I'm something from outer space - this based solely upon the fact that I'm sporting a back-combed bouffant and a wearing a slightly wacky pair of AA leggings. Get a grip!

C'est Moi

Collection of Vogue/Company mags + camera I eventually plan to use for outfit posts - once I find the lead for it that is! 

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!
C'est Moi

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