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Buying Lingerie for Christmas – Play It Safe Or Take a Risk?

By Tempestra @tempestra1

Pretty much every Christmas, I will buy my wife something nice to wear, whether it’s a scarf, some shiny shoes or some silk undies.  I like to think that having known each other for nigh on a quarter of a century, I understand what floats her boat.  So when it comes to lingerie, I tend to go for something which I know she will enjoy wearing and yet is practical too (as opposed to choosing the most revealing item I can find!).  For let’s face it, there’s no point in spending good money on a racy number which will be relegated to the back of the drawer forever more. Buying lingerie for Christmas – play it safe or take a risk?

Therefore I was interested to read the results of a Tempestra poll this week, stating that over 60% of women would prefer to receive a classic knickers and bra set for Christmas than any other type of lingerie.  This makes perfect sense to me; a two-piece set is practical but let’s face it, we gentlemen love them too.

Just because it’s Christmas, I really don’t believe men should feel compelled to be ‘out there’ with their choice of lingerie gift.  Surely it is far better to think about what our ladies would actually want to wear? And if it’s something which helps them feel sexy and confident at the same time, so much the better!


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