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Buying Golf Clubs

By Peter Mitchell @beezerphd
I decided that I was definitely going to start playing again and went on the hunt for a set of cheap second hand golf clubs. The usual haunt for second hand goods was on eBay or my local gumtree site.
After searching for a few days and realising that this could be an expensive hobby to take up, I stumbled across a set of Titleist clubs going for dirt cheap and they looked not too bad either. I did a bit of googling, but couldn't really find any information about them. This should have raised a bit of alarm bells, but I was naive and didn't realize what I was getting myself in for. So I bought them. At £30 it was a set of titleist irons, what could go wrong?
I purchased said Titleist AC-108 irons from the seller and they were here within the week. When they arrived they looked exactly as they did in the picture but the heads on them seemed tiny.
Buying Golf Clubs
Buying Golf Clubs
Not knowing too much about golf equipment, I think I jumped in too quickly. I didn't want to just write them off immediately without at least giving them a hit, so I decided to head to the range. After hitting some shots, I found them to be quite hard to hit, but I couldn't afford to buy new ones so they would have to make do for the time being. 
I actually grew quite fond of the smaller clubs and could quite easily hit 8-PW without any problems. Anything longer than those, I really struggled with topping the ball and getting good contact. This could have just been down to my swing, but unfortunately once I got the idea in my head that they weren't modern enough for me, I was finding it hard to hit anything remotely decent, but I knew I wouldn't pick up and have a low handicap immediately, so it was time to just grit my teeth and get stuck in. 
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