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Building A New Home: GENERAL WORKS

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General works is the name to describe the additional items required to get your site ready for home construction. General work items are not included in the base price of your dwelling as the cost to complete these items varies from one site to the next.

To get an accurate estimate of your general works you need to have a current contour survey of your site, and in the event the site has clay, limestone or trees in or around the building area, you will also need an engineer’s survey.

There are too many general works items to list, and many of them are not relevant to all sites, however I will go through the main items that will affect the many projects.

Earthworks on a flat sandy site are generally simple and not very expensive. The variables that will affect the cost of earthworks are as follows:

  • Block slope;
  • Clay sites;
  • Limestone Sites; and
  • Sites containing decidua’s root matter.

Access Track is often required when you are building behind another dwelling. When delivery trucks drop off materials they need clear access to the site, and crushed limestone is used for the access track.

Dwelling set out is required sites when the builder is constructing on the boundary. It is imperative to ensure that the construction of a wall is on the correct lot.

Retaining walls are used to keep the sand from either falling from your site onto the neighbour’s site, or alternatively keeping your neighbours sand from falling on your site.  Generally retaining walls are used when the fall is more than 150mm when fencing is being constructed.

Additional Material Handling is a term used to describe the additional charges trades people pass onto the builder when there is restriction to site access. Some sites do not have enough room to leave the construction material near the construction of the dwelling, and so the trades are required to move the material from another location on the site, which obviously takes more time to finish the job. Another example is when a bobcat is unable to do a site clean, and the site is cleaned manually by hand.

Underground power the power connection form Western Powers dome too your meter box. The run will vary pending the location of the dome and the meter box.

Sewer and water is the connection of the services from the mains to each dwelling.

Soakwells are connected via a pipe to the downpipes and may also be located under the driveway to collect access water from the paving. Soakwells can vary from site to site pending the topography, the soil conditions and the shire requirements for this area.

Overburden from drains and stormwater is the access sand that is left over after the holes have been dug for the drains and the stormwater. An unbelievable amount of surplus sand is left, and needs to be carted away.

Brick paving varies from one site to the next so is shown as a separate item. To ensure that the soakwells are designed adequately it is imperative that the paving is well considered at concept stage.

Removal of fencing is required when building on the boundary, or if the existing fencing is in poor conditional. Most shires will require fencing to be of a certain standard in order to give your final approvals.

Concrete Pumps are used by the grano workers to lay the footings and the slab. Not every job requires a concrete pumps; however grano workers are requesting pumps for most jobs.

For a full assessment on general works for your property development can be obtained from your development experts. Make sure you discuss all the possibilities before breaking ground.

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Building an investment property isn’t as easy as you think, but it doesn’t have to be hard, either! Erin Warbrook from Perth, in WA consulted Ventura ID for her questions about general works, titles and how to choose a block.

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Building A New Home: GENERAL WORKS
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Building A New Home: GENERAL WORKS
Building A New Home: GENERAL WORKS
Building A New Home: GENERAL WORKS
Building A New Home: GENERAL WORKS
Building A New Home: GENERAL WORKS

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