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Posted on the 30 January 2015 by Calvinthedog
A brony convention, whatever the Hell that is.

A brony convention, whatever the Hell that is.

Bronies are a bizarre new postmodern phenomenon in which a large group of grown men aged 18-35 have become fanatical fans of a cartoon show for little girls called My Little Pony.


They have conventions in which they all dress up as cosplay players representing cartoon characters on the show. I am not sure exactly what they do at these conventions. Maybe it is like the Star Trek Trekkie phenomenon. In fact, bronies seem much like Trekkies in character and personality. These people are best described as “nerds.” There are also quite a few females involved in this scene, and some of the women look pretty cute.

Bronies have been widely derided for much the same reason that Trekkies are except bronies are even worse because this is a subculture of grown men obsessed with a cartoon show for little girls. There have been many attempts to troll bronies by 4chan members, and the show’s bulletin board had to be shut down because of 4chan troll invasions. I do not know why the chans hate bronies so much, perhaps because it is a group of grown men obsessed with a cartoon show for little girls.

Like many cartoons, My Little Pony does operate on several levels as the writers are quite clever. One level is for little girls who obviously cannot get sophisticated in-jokes. The other level is aimed at adults in which there are all sorts of clever allusions to modern life, other TV shows and characters and even movies. I confess to being a Spongebob Squarepants (mostly due to the cool first name he has), and it operates on this level also. But no way would I go to a Spongebob convention dressed as a kitchen sponge or whatever.

We really ought to see this as harmless fun I suppose as these folks are nerds who feel alienated and rejected by society. Many are highly introverted and have problems with socialization. It doesn’t hurt anyone, allows them to socialize and meet other humans and have a good time for once in a society that is probably largely rejecting of them.

A very large percentage of the males in this fanbase (really the whole MLP genre) are obese and I assume that they also tragically have very small penises, which used to make me fear that they would not reproduce much. However, my fears were alleviated, and many little bronies are now being popped out. Nerdy guys are males after all, and they need pussy like all the rest of us. Nerdy girls are sort of sad creatures, but they deserve the pleasures of motherhood.

Below is a post by a brony couple (yes these nerds do get together, marry and even mate and produce offspring – see above) who outrageously named their baby girl Pinkamerica Zecora. Supposedly that is a “pony” name.

Weird screengrab of bronies naming their little girl a really stupid name.

Click to enlarge and read. Weird screengrab of bronies naming their little girl a really stupid name.

I am sorry, but that is just messed up. Don’t give your kid weird names like that. They turned their own daughter into a joke. That seems just wrong.

That kid is probably going to end up an otherkin, a transsexual or a porn star, and I bet she offs herself before age 25. But I hope none of that happens.

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