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#BritishBloggerSelection - Get Involved!

By Ribbonsandbowsox @rebecc4dennison
The lovely Ellie from 'Little Vintage Camera' got in touch with me to tell me about an opportunity you can get involved in!
The #BritishBloggerSelection is where Ellie will get contact anyone who contacts her saying they are interested with a different theme each week (Lifestyle, beauty, fashion etc.)
About Ellies blog...
'My blogLittle Vintage Camera is about well... everything I guess, from Freebies to Fashion to Beauty to Lifestlye. Whatever you might be looking for is probably on my blog!' - (Sent from Ellie)
This is a great opportunity to get involved in! I am taking part and if you wish to get involved, just e-mail Ellie at [email protected]

I definitely think you should all get involved!
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