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Bringing the Mental Peace Back with Power Yoga

Posted on the 07 May 2014 by Health_news

bringing mind peace back with power yoga

A popular yoga style that helps in delivering fast results besides bringing peace of mind is known as power yoga. In this style of yoga, a person has to carry out yoga asanas in a fitness based, vigorous way so as to stimulate body for fast results. This style is also considered as gym yoga. Ashtanga method is another name used for it.

Some major techniques that are used in power yoga that helps in bringing peace of mind are as under

Relaxation Techniques

Mind as well as the body experiences an intense feeling of relaxation when no energy is consumed. This is also considered as a way of recharging offered by The Nature. Since stored energy is used by every action, whether it is a conscious action or it is an unconscious action, relaxation is experiences peace of mind and relaxation. If the mind and body doesn’t feel relaxed, it tends to feel inefficient and overworked.

Power yoga also helps in bringing about physical relaxation as some asanas can help in augmenting body’s energy. This energy is of no use if the wastage of this energy continues keeping the muscles in the state of readiness even when there is no need for such things. Muscles are trained with these yoga asanas so that they can feel relaxed. Proper sound sleep can also ensure complete relaxation. If sleep is not proper, it can continue draining of energy. Deep sleep is considered to be a boon when it comes to rejuvenation of mind and body. Light sleep that is known for its dream state uses a lot of energy.

There are various stimuli that continue bombarding the mind as it is exhausted and overloaded. Many times, we are not even aware that we are using our mind so much even when there is no need to get stressed.  Tension has a lot of impact on the mind making it all the more stressed. Our mind starts imagining things whether imagined or real and uses a lot more energy in comparison to that used in physical energy. When things go beyond our control, there is a lot of strain on our energy resources resulting in mental fatigue. Unwinding and recouping energies becomes difficult.

According to yoga experts, whenever such mental tension is experienced, it is advised to breathe in a slow and rhythmic manner for a little while. One must focus on the breath and feel tensions seeping out from the mind. Initially yogic style of rhythmic breathing may take some extra conscious effort, slowly and gradually the body and then mind starts feeling calm. Inner peace can be experienced along with physical relaxation.

Slowly and gradually, inner tuning happens with a higher source that brings a feeling of intense peace. One needs to identify mind and body and to think that one must rely on yourself and none another for acquiring your own inner sense of peace. You will find that stress and tensions seeps out of your body and you never feel stressed. Thus power yoga can prove to be quite beneficial when it comes to inner peace.

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