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Bring Back Lace Food Covers

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Bring Back Lace Food CoversIt's no secret... as I was typing that I missed the space and wrote "it's nose cret" which sounds like some horrible toddler snot-monster... anyway.
When I was growing up I always thought there was something cringe-worthy about the lacy food cover... but now I'm wondering why.  Sure it's Nanna-like, but now that I'm older, I've come to realize there's nothing wrong with Nanna-stuff.  Like linen hankies.  Where once I thought they were a hideous idea (carrying a bundle of bile in your pocket), now I see that whilst they remain hideous, they're far more environmentally sound than a tree being chopped down, pulped, pressed, transported, blown on, tossed out and slowly decaying as landfill.
Back to ladylike lace.  I recently bought 2 charming pink covers at my local dollar store, for a top secret project I'm working on (i.e. a surprise party), and topped them with tiny cheeky chicks.  It got me thinking that they really are a rather cute kids' party accessory and we ought to see more of them.
The downside of the lacy food cover, is that whilst it does keep flying beasts at bay, ants of course march right under, and the food covers offer no protection against sneezes...  Hmmm... this blog post has turned out to be rather yucky... still... it should give you plenty to think about next time you sneeze over your food.

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