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Brilliant Pocket Money E-books for Little Readers

By Mummyoftwo @RaspberryGiggle

My Little Big Town have launched a range of pocket money e-books for children.  The books are priced between 99p and £1.99 each and are a great idea to get children started on their e-book collection.

We were sent three of these titles to have a read of.


First up is Gorgeous George and the Zombie Fish Eaters.  The ‘blurb’ for the book is as follows…Featuring the eccentric Grandpa Jock, recalling a tale from his youth (well, it’s a tale from years back…. Grandpa Jock has NEVER been young). Fish, hot sauce, fishermen and frolics, Wasabi sauce and silliness. A must read for all Gorgeous George fans (and fans of silly short stories).


Next we had Crayon Kenny, Ain’t that Sweet.  The ‘blurb’ is as follows… Join Gorgeous George’s best friend, Kenny Roberts (aka Crayon Kenny) in his first solo adventure.  When Kenny Roberts was four years old he discovered how satisfying and ultimately sweet it could be to stuff things up his nose. Not just a little bit ‘up his nose’ but right-up-at-the-back-of each-nostril kind of ‘up his nose’. This is the story of how it all began.  A fun and very silly story featuring elephants, peanuts and Crayon Kenny’s famous nostril based games. Just when and why did Kenny start sticking all sorts of strange things up his nose? Don’t try this at home kids!


The final e-book we received was Gorgeous George: Holy Flying Cow Buttman!  The ‘blurb’ for this book is…  The hot desert air blew warmth against the soldier’s face, specks of sand pebble-dashing his cheeks. The breeze rippled through his huge, ginger moustache as his eyes focused hard on the panicking creature…… Join a young Grandpa Jock (well, Grandpa Jock has never really been young) as he recalls tales from his days in the covert military division known as ‘Black Ops Order of British Intelligence & Espionage Service (or BOOBIES for short).Join the wild haired and hilariously funny Scotsman in an exciting, fun and silly solo adventure.  A fantastically fun, other worldly adventure featuring cows, aliens and the wily old Scotsman, Jock Hansen (aka Gorgeous George’s Grandpa Jock).

Little Mr A is really advanced with his reading and we are constantly looking for new ways to challenge him.  The books he gets from school are really not great and his picture books he has for a bedtime story he knows off by heart as they have been read so often!  These were great as it combined his love of technology with another love, reading.


He really enjoyed sitting down with my kindle and reading these books.  They were quite long for him and took a few sittings to get through and I think he struggled a bit with the lack of pictures to start as he is not used to just looking at a page full of words!

He found all of the books very amusing and really enjoyed them.


We are thinking of getting him his own tablet for his birthday or Christmas and I think these e-books would be a great download for him which would be read over and over again.  For the price I think they are really great.

Disclaimer – For the purpose of this review we were sent the above 3 e-books free of charge.  All opinions are honest and my own and all photographs were taken by me and are not to be used without my permission.

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