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Brief Christmas Greetings & Update

By Makeupguineapig @MakeUpGuineaPig
Merry Christmas everyone!!! Just wanted to send Holiday wishes and do a brief check-in. I feel like December has flown by, but then it also seems like it’s been a long month. It’s been a bit crazy as I’m sure most people feel about December. I really love this time of year, although there’s something kind of bittersweet about Christmas, don’t you feel? It’s always wonderful gathering together and being with friends and family, but then everyone tends to go their separate ways for part of the day and I end up bored out of my mind. Plus once the excitement of Christmas morning has come and gone, it’s almost a bit of a let down when you realize it’s over until next year. But still, it’s still a wonderful time that I always get excited about.
Brief Christmas Greetings & Update
As a brief update, this year as last year Christmas is being delayed for my family so not really much excitement around here today. Someone quite close to me is in the hospital…as last year. Basically it’s to repair the problem that arose last year. Everything was planned and seems to have gone fine so fingers crossed everything keeps moving along smoothly. That’s part of the reason I’ve been more MIA than usual recently. That and I’m just feeling really tired, drained and all-around kind of burnt out. Everyone needs a break now and then, right? J For the time being, the break will continue but I am hoping to get at least a few posts up in the next week or two. Still not sure when I will go back to a more regular schedule, but I hope it will be soon. I just need more time to rest and kind of regroup.
In other news, little Bailey had 9 teeth pulled this month! If you don’t remember Bailey, she is my little ragdoll mix rescue kitten (ok, cat now) that joined the family maybe 3 years ago. I documented her first six months on the blog so if you want to see tons of pictures of a tiny kitten throughout the weeks, just search the blog for “Bailey” or ”kitten,” or click here for the first post I can find. Anyway, apparently whatever breed you would consider her has a crap ton of issues that I had never heard about associated with it. Some kind of gum disease is one of them. So, the 9 teeth had to go to hopefully save the rest. The poor little girl survived just fine and is bounding around as though nothing happened. Yea!
That’s really about all I have to update you with today. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Holiday whatever you celebrate…if anything at all! All the best from me and mine!
Christine, Bailey, Emerson, Mini, Moxie, Chloe & Barclay (the lone pup!)
Brief Christmas Greetings & Update

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