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Bridezilla; Are You One?

By Tootie2208


Planning a wedding is a high stress area so with due coarse the bridezilla often rears her head.  Who can blame them?   After all its the bride who takes on a fair chunk of the wedding planning, for herself  to do.  The bride needs to attend and plan certain things that no one else can do for her, it is only her that can choose her wedding dress,  pick her colour theme ( most grooms will say ” what ever you want dear” as they really dont care what colour their tie is. ), and theres the flowers, just to name a few.

Most bridezillas dont surface at this stage, because its exciting picking, choosing, and getting together with planners, bridal parties.     As time gets a little closer to your most important day in your life, and your expecting a smooth run, well you know its bound to happen.   For instance the tulips you were so looking forward to , for your wedding bouquet, which when you ordered were guaranteed to be in season and at their best, are no longer to be because of a freak storm that wiped them from the face of the earth.  Yes you can be bridezilla,  you are allowed, but  it wont get your tulips back, you must go to plan B now ,  smile and say to yourself ” I wanted roses anyway.”  Of course you had a second choice of flowers, as with most things always have a second choice.

Bridezilla will just appear from nowhere, and over something that any other time would not phase you in the least.  Yes its your wedding approaching and any little hiccup is magnified 20 fold.

I recently heard from one bride to be, how she went from miss soon to be married to bridezilla in 30 seconds flat.  This bride to be went out and bought a lovely wedding band with a pattern on it, for her fiancee , but it need re-sizing.  All good she thought, until she went to pick it up only to find the pattern was misaligned, and part of it missing.  Yes bridezilla was here, and after 5 minutes the poor shop assistant offered a complete replacement in the right size and before the wedding.

Once again she thought all was good, but it wasnt.  A week before her wedding she received a phone call from the jewelers to say her ring would not arrive in time. Bridezilla was back even more so now,  given the fact her husband to be would have to have a fake ring, as no refund would be given due to the fact it was a commissioned item.

This bride had every right to become bridezilla even though she laughs about it now.

Do you have a bridezilla story? If you do send it via my home page.

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