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Bride’s Eye Makeup for the Wedding Day

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros

No matter how gorgeous the decoration and venue is, the most attention is on the bride on the wedding day and how beautiful she looks and of course no bride wants to look tired and stress. Makeup and the techniques to apply it is truly an art form for generation to hide every flaw and an enhancer to every women beauty.

Makeup artists are artist painters whom their pallet of paint consist of makeup tools and brushes and their canvas is human face. I call makeup artists, safe plastic Surgeon. After going through all the planning for the big day and dealing with extra details, brides tend to get tired and rundown. The best remedy is to hide their stress behind the makeup and enhance their beauty and shine. Fist impression of the beauty in every women is the eyes.

Eyes are the first thing to show the face feeling. Eye makeup is the best tool to hide worries and stress. here are some techniques to make the bride’s eyes gorgeous.
1. Apply brush gently using soft color like yellow undertone to hide under-eye’s dark circles and Put on a creamy concealer regardless of the skin color and tone before foundation.

2. Dab and do not rub the concealer delicately to blend around the eyes.

3. Use light and less of concealer matched to the skin tone in order not to have cakey look.

4. As the day goes by, concealer settles into the eye lines. Use fingers to dab gently to smooth it over.Next is to apply the eye color.A professionally done eye makeup with colored eyeliner, makes the eyes captivating, modern, and irresistible. To be daring and bold, use different eyeliner color than the eye iris to accentuate the eye color.Add dots of black liners as foundation before applying color eyeliner for brightness, definition, and intensity.

Light Olive green color for

hazel and brown eyes

CC: Image source

Blue or cobalt color for:

Blue Eyes

CC:image source

Emerald color for

Green eye make up

CC:Image Source

Now you have a line of color, work it up and down under the lashes as shadow. Next is to balance the effect.

Don’t over power the beauty of the eye by adding thick lipstick. Concentrate on the eye makeup and keep the rest of the face simple.

Eyes are the bride’s first impression that adds glamor and fab in her beauty. Hire professional makeup artist and don’t go cheap on make up tools. Always use top notch makeup brands to get the best result. To hire pro makeup artists check out today.

By: Farna Vahdad

Bride’s eye makeup for the wedding day
farna vahdad

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Bride’s eye makeup for the wedding day

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