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Breast Health: Sometimes, I “Shake My Head” At Doctors

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

This is a follow up to my breast ultrasound I had this past Tuesday. Remember my post Girl Talk:  Welcome Back Updates?


Here’s the convo with my doctor’s office this morning.

“Yes, this is Bren Lee. I called yesterday about my ultrasound results and still haven’t heard anything. Clearly, he’s not going to make me wait all weekend!”

Nurse: “No, he left a note here that says: Multiple cysts. Benign.”

“Ok, that’s good and all but why do I continue to have the pain? What can be done to stop this?”

Nurse: “I’m not sure.”

“Is Dr. A in? Is there more cysts than the 2 that were already there?”

Nurse: “It doesn’t say.”

“Well I’d like to know why I’m still in pain and have no answers other than benign. I quit caffeine like he said last week and it continues.”

Nurse: “Well I can schedule another appointment and you can discuss it with Dr. A further.”

“Umm NO. I’m not scheduling another appointment to come in because I already discussed this with Dr. A during my last visit. I asked him if it was the bc pills (Ortho-Cyclen Lo) pills doing this; told him I stopped taking it; and he said to continue taking it. I quit caffeine. What else am I supposed to do? Chill out for the rest of my life?”

Nurse: “I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say.”

“Can you have Dr. A call me since he’s obviously not in the office today. I’ll talk to him on the phone because I want answers on how to proceed!”

Nurse: “Yes, can I get your number? Oh wait, I have it here from yesterday. He’ll call you next week.”

“Thank you. I clearly can’t continue to go on NOT knowing what the heck is wrong with my breast and how I can stop this pain. Thank you again.”

Now isn’t that the stupidest crap ya ever heard? I mean, I blame my doctor. LEAVE SPECIFIC INFORMATION WITH YOUR NURSE! I’m glad I called back twice today because I’d been sweating it all weekend!

At least my cysts are still benign and they didn’t rupture like Dr. A guessed. However, there is still an issue and I want answers. Wouldn’t you?

Sometimes, I SMH at Doctors.

Do you?

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