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Breaking the Deafening Silence …

By Gran13

3 breaking the silenceTHAT SILENCE IS DEAFENING

I would like children to learn at school that biology, and not a character flaw, is the cause of mental illness. If this is brought about, it  might confront the  myths that are doing so much to reinforce the deafening silence surrounding this subject.

If the parents of children suffering from a mental illnes could come to regard it as a physical illness in the brain, which is it, and stop thinking mental, it would be a start toward … Breaking the Deafening Silence.

There are more medications out there today than ever before, which means that these illnesses have never been more treatable. Teachers can be trained to recognize the warning signs by taking part in a course by trained professionals.

For middle school and high school students: A school that is prepared to take this project on, can get fully scripted lessons and suggested activities as the program is being used in many parts of the United States. They have eye-catching posters and board games and little prior knowledge of the subject is needed. A few hours will suffice.

‘Unfortunately, almost two-thirds of all peple with a diagnosable mental disorder do not seek treatment.’ I quote from the Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Illness.

So, only one lesson on mental illness can make all the difference to young people whose lives have been thrown tragically off course by NO FAULT BRAIN DISORDERS SUCH AS:

Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Panic Disorder.

Innovative lessons can put a human face to mental illness and confront all the myths that reinforce the silence. Programs like this are designed to destigmatize mental illness and help millions of people get the help they need. Harold Kplewicz, MD. Author,IT’S NOBODY’S FAULT, Random House.

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