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Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012)

Posted on the 14 December 2012 by Emilymoon @em_moon_reviews

Directed by: Bill Condon
This is the final instalment in The Twilight Saga, and it basically follows the storyline of the second half of Stephanie Meyer's book Breaking Dawn. 

If you're anything like me, you will have been perpetually disappointed by the Twilight films. The potential has always been there - the books are addictive, and a great read - but Kristen Stewart's overly awkward portrayal of Bella, and the general bleakness of the films has always ruined them. 

But, like many others, I still found myself heading to the cinema to see each new instalment, just in case they managed to get it right. When I went to see Breaking Dawn - Part 2 I was feeling positive about it, I'd read reviews praising Stewart's acting, and claiming this film was the best of the franchise.I came out of the film disappointed once again.Far too much screen time was dedicated to Bella and Edward's relationship (we get it, they're happy), which detracts from the most interesting storyline - the arrival of the Cullen's vampire friends from across the world. Also, Kristen Stewart's acting is notably unimproved, she is definitely not born to play the role of a mother; the scenes with her and Renesmee are very uncomfortable to watch.You will cringe watching a very CGI baby Renesmee, she doesn't look realistic in the slightest. In a franchise as big as Twilight, I have to admit I expected more from the baby, it just wasn't believable at all.
The best thing about the film was the fight scene at the end. I had heard going into the film that they had changed the ending, and it's reception was good among critics. It's exciting, fast-paced, and the fatalities are unexpected. I can't fault the special effects in this scene, it's visually outstanding and thrilling to watch. I know I wasn't the only person in the cinema to be happy to see 

some of the precious Cullens becoming fatalities in the fight! However, I was disappointed they chose to stick to the original storyline which means that this fight didn't actually happen. This means that the ending was the happy, cheesy one I was afraid of. At the very end conveniently see a montage of sickly Bella and Edward moments from the previous films, which will leave the Twi-Hards happy, and others - such as myself - practically gagging.
However, there is one thing right about this film, as with all the other films, and that's the music. It's got Passion Pit, Green Day, Ellie Goulding, and loads more brilliant artists. Even if you hate the films, the soundtracks are definitely worth downloading.
I'd recommend this film if you have watched and enjoyed the other Twilight films. If not, it's still watchable if you want to laugh at the awkward acting and cringey CGI.

If you enjoy this film, I recommend: The Hunger Games (2012), The 'Underworld' film series, and look forward to the release of The Host (2013) - another film adaptation of a Stephanie Meyer book (whilst you're waiting give it a read, it's amazing).

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