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Break My Heart - Then Craft It Back Together Again

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Break My Heart - then craft it back together againIts no secret that Valentines is today - so happy Valentine's everyone - I hope you're feeling all loved up; and if you're not; I love you.

Today is the last day to go in the running for the personalised printpapers competition, which I'll announce tomorrow, so if you haven't already done so, be sure to join this blog &/or facebook for your chance to win.

Today is also the last day of my I love Valentines Craft challenge.  The last category I had to craft with was 'something broken'.  Seems a funny one to finish on, especially as today is 'the day' but it's also kind of appropriate as mending hearts is often the first step in a new relationship.
I decided to group a few things together for today's craft.  I took the store-standard cuff links that come with a purchased shirt and stuck one pink love heart button on each cuff link with a sticky dot.  I could have used real glue for a more permanent solution, but I'm pretty sure that Happy Husband won't wear them for more than a day.  I also found an old 'Guinness Book of Records' dated the same year that my husband was born.  Lastly, I used an old love heart and chain that came with a charity-toy, and placed a sticky gem over the brand name that was on the heart.  I'll make a quick trip to the shops for a bottle of Guinness beer and loop the heart-chain around the bottle neck.
Not exactly broken, but the idea was to take something discarded, forgotten or neglected and give it some new life in a meaningful way.  I think I did ok.
Happy Valentine's everyone; hope you had some crafty fun during the 14 day challenge, and if not, store away some good ideas to try out next year... and good luck for tomorrow's announcement!  

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