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Brad Pitt – Preparing to Walk Down the Aisle Again?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Brad Pitt is, according to many reports across tinsel town, finally preparing to marry Angelina Jolie. The long awaited decision to make their relationship “official” comes after a lot of pressure and probably earache from his children who allegedly have been asking him for a long time now to become their father. The superstar couple have been going out together since they starred alongside each other in the film Mr & Mrs Smith.

BradPitt natal

Brad may well be a Sun Sign Sagittarius and have his Ascendant in the sign of the archer too, however he does have a very earthy chart with his Moon in Capricorn and 5 other planets also in earth signs. This chart is veered to the eastern hemisphere, so Brad is someone who does look out for himself first, before he thinks of others. Brad’s Sagittarian Sun stresses wisdom and learning over time, and this combines nicely with the emotional ambitions of the Capricorn Moon. He probably has a terrific sense of humour as Sagittarius is thoughtful and Capricorn can be very quirky.

Brad’s Sun and Mars sit in his first house so this is a guy who doesn’t like to hang around, I suspect he loves fast cars and driving fast in them and he is likely to be rather competitive and a sports fan. That Mars makes a rather reckless and risk taking trine to Uranus and Aries which Mars rules sits on the cusp of his 5th house of competition showing that he would always would have been very attracted to testing himself, his strength and his abilities. Mars makes a trine to Pluto too and it is noticeable that Brad had made a lot of action type films like Fight Club and he is also attracted to crime and psychological movies too reflecting the Pluto influence on Mars.

The first house Sun is rather individualistic and it is peregrine. This is a man who does not want to be tied down or boxed in at all. Freedom is the name of the game for Brad, and this is one of the reasons that he has been seemingly happier than for a long time, being in a relationship but not formally so. There is another key to this. The ruler of Brad’s 7th house of marriage is Mercury, (Gemini is on the cusp). His natal Mercury is trine to the Pluto Uranus conjunction in his 9th house and as such, he will feel happier in a non-traditional type of relationship. One where he has independence and room to breath, go off and work. One wonders how he will react once he does tie the knot again, as we all know how his previous marriage to Jennifer Aniston ended.

That Uranus Pluto conjunction in Virgo shows that he has very non traditional religious and philosophical views, reportedly he has said he waivers between being an atheist and an agnostic. These radical views, especially for a lad who was brought up a Southern Baptist, go to the heart of his being, as that conjunction is square to his ascendant representing his self. Brad has a quick and technical mind and I suspect he has a sharp temper too, with Mercury trine to Uranus (and conjunct Mars), and he has one which will love getting to the bottom of any mystery or conundrum with Mercury trine to Pluto.

Brad is ostensibly a very practical and serious guy with Mercury, Moon and Venus all in Capricorn. Here is someone who does like to get to the bare bones of any situation, loves psychology and the inner motivations of anyone’s personality, is very much a cynic and needs concrete proof before he will believe anything. Their is also a very sympathetic and humane side to Brad and if ever anyone needed a shoulder to cry on, he would provide it. I think that there is great idealism within him, but not a lot of outward emotion. The Capricorn Moon needs love but does not wish to look weak, so it will hold back and prefer to look business like and strong. Maybe that’s why he does come across as a little cold to many people.

Jupiter in Aries is again very pioneering and is not afraid of taking risks with it being square to Mars. He will want and need a spacious and comfortable home in a peaceful environment with Pisces on the cusp of his 4th house and Jupiter sitting within. Neptune, the planet of films and artistry sits in the 11th house of hopes and dreams square to his Aquarian Saturn in his second house. Here is an obvious link between the film industry and his work and career. Saturn in the second house fears a lack of personal finance, and so Brad will work and work to make sure that he has enough money to allay these fears. This is a rather aloof position and sign for Saturn to be in, he will rather distrust the motives of others, although this square does bring a recognition and a desire to help people in need. Brad with Angelina has been involved in many charity schemes around the world and he also has interest in helping stem-cell research; Neptune is showing it’s medical side here.

BradPitt progressed

The chart above shows Brad’s progressed planets and you will notice that Brad’s progressed moon is now closing in on an exact sextile to his natal Mercury, the planet which rules his 7th house of marriage. I wouldn’t mind betting that in the next couple of months as the Moon connects with Neptune, there will be a secret behind closed doors wedding between Brad and Angelina. Neptune’s influence here is to drop a veil over any happy proceedings.

BradPitt transits

On the transits chart, transiting Jupiter is close to the cusp of Brad’s 7th house of marriage and transiting Mars has been on his natal Mercury ruling this house maybe encouraging him to make a positive decision. Transiting Pluto is moving close to a conjunction to his 5th house ruler Mars, this house rules his children. This looks as if their status are about to under go a change. Saturn is midway between that Mars and Uranus making sextiles to each. Maybe tradition in the form of Saturn is finally influencing his thinking? Uranus rules the higher mind and affect his lower mind too with Aquarius on the cusp of his third house. Finally, transiting Pluto is making a square to his chart ruler Jupiter. Does this suggest a change in his family (Jupiter in 4th house) as well as his personal status (1st house) ?

The world waits, or at least Hollywood, the world’s tabloid newspapers and celebrity magazines do, with baited breath… 

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