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Brad Pitt - Coming Clean About His Troubled Past

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Brad Pitt - Coming clean about his troubled past

The actor Brad Pitt has come out into the media and expressed the fact that he has been going through a tough time with drink and drugs, and now he has undergone therapy to combat this scourge on his life that helped destroy his marriage with Angelina Jolie.

Brad is a double Sagittarian, with both Sun and Ascendant in this sign and it is a fact that Sagittarians tend to reach the highs and plumb the depths in terms of moods more than any other sign, indeed depression and Sagittarians is almost synonymous. Why for such a happy go lucky sign who just likes to have a good time? Well Sagittarius is linked to Jupiter, and Jupiter is the planet of excess. Sagittarians are fun, I know as my best friend is a Sagittarian and they can be a joy to be around and they do live life to the absolute full, but they do also go through the full range of emotions, and are prone to excess sorrow and upset when things go wrong. Sagittarians experience the full range of emotions, they literally cannot hold back and when they have a problem, it can be magnified to the extreme. If you know a Sagittarian, do they tend to make a mountain out of a molehill? I bet they do. When on a downward curve, Sagittarians can spiral into a pit of utter despair. That's where they tend to look for ways to bring back the good times, and drink and drugs are often an easy get out clause for them. Remember Jupiter used to rule Pisces, the sign of escapism before Neptune was discovered.

Brad Pitt - Coming clean about his troubled past

One thing about Sagittarians is that they are very frank and open and they will come clean and accept the blame for anything they do, and they will actually tend to appreciate therapy when it is offered to them. Anything to open their mind up fascinates any Sagittarian. And this is where we return to Brad Pitt.

In the past 2 years, Brad experienced one of the most difficult transits of all, Saturn moving in his 12th house before bursting over his ascendant into his 1st house where it is now. I get more people coming to me for help having Saturn moving in the 12th than any other position. Saturn deconstructs your life and it throws out anything that is worn out and not needed any more. It is a hidden psychological crisis, played out in the inner mind and for those who are vulnerable to the highs and lows of life, it can lead to major problems. Then as Saturn hits the first house, it's time to rebuild the wreckage that Saturn has laid bare.

On Brad's natal chart, the sign of Scorpio rules his 12th house of escapism, and natal Pluto (Scorpio's ruler) conjunct to Uranus squares his Ascendant. That Pluto is fundamental to Brad's life, and it suggested that Brad at some time would go through a complete psychological breakdown. Pluto on his chart also links to Mercury, the planet of the mind via a trine and at the midpoint of these two planets is Neptune in Scorpio. Here is an introspective and very deep mind with the planet of escapism, deception and intuition sandwiched between. You can just imagine the potential turmoil that goes on in his head. There are no limits to Neptune and the potential for Brad to deceive himself, to suffer and thus need to mentally escape is very high.

Brad Pitt - Coming clean about his troubled past

Saturn has now moved on to make a conjunction to his Sagittarian Sun in the past 3-4 months and reality is starting to hit home at last. We take on more responsibility for our actions when this transit arrives, although this process is never easy. As the Sun squares his MC/IC axis (Sun at 25 Sagittarius and MC at 26 Virgo), Saturn is squaring this axis too, thus he will be assessing his working role and his home life at the same time. In truth, his whole life is undergoing a very tough examination by Saturn, and he needs to look soberly at everything around him. This interview with him went public and worldwide as transiting Jupiter, the global planet and his chart ruler made a square to his Midheaven ruler and the planet of communication Mercury.

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