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Bottoms Up!

By Blondeambition @BrookeFalvey

Today I made a startling discovery thanks to The Daily Mail—one that had me running for the work bathroom so I could check my butt out.  Seriously.

It’s the ‘thut’.

It sounds like it’s going to be sexy, right? It’s actually about as sexy as a … well, I don’t quite know but please, read on.

A relatively new phenomenon, the ‘thut’—also known as  blogger butt—occurs when the thigh meets the butt (like a flat pancake) causing them to appear to be a singular piece of anatomy. 

Think of it as the cankle’s older sister.

Now, I’m guessing that unless you already know you’re rocking a booty to rival Kim Kardashian’s, you’re now heading for the nearest mirror so you too can check out what’s going on down there with your derrière!

Is it a 'thut'? No, it's just a really tight pair of pants.

Is it a ‘thut’? No, it’s just a really tight pair of pants … I hope!

According to the story, the ‘thut’ (a nice little turn of phrase created by is caused by a lack of targeted muscle tone and is a relatively modern phenomenon.

It’s also most commonly found on those with sedentary desk jobs. And, from what I can gather, women.

I mean, seriously?

Is it not bad enough that we’ve got to put up with periods (yes fellas, I said the P word), cellulite and tuckshop lady arms … now we’ve got to work on the definition between our butt and our thighs?

My favorite quote in the story was this from New York yoga instructor Michelle Velasques:

“When it comes to butt definition you can grow a butt.”

I can only hope the growth she is referring to is the kind that comes from eating copious amounts of Ben & Jerry’s because if that’s the case, I’m definitely on board.

Check out the story (and tips on how to avoid the ‘thut’) here but be warned the tips involve words like squat, rowing, legs and yoga.

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be at home doing squats while eating ice-cream.

Bottoms up!  

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