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Borrowed Inspiration for Your Week: Valentine’s Day Crafty Cards, the Finished Lady in Blue, a Dent in My Reading List, and Waiting for Linen from Overseas

By Crossstitchyourheart @TMNienaber

Good morning blog followers, if you’ve read the title of my blog post you can pretty much guess what’s going on in my life right now.  Well, I left out all the boring bits about working at the department store that shall remain nameless and the teaching job that starts in a short three weeks (which I’m sure will go by much faster than I think they will).  I’ve also spent all of last week revising and updating my resume and references to send out to my first choice round of schools to teach at.  Only one of them actually has a position open in their English department, but as contracts to current teachers don’t come out until April it’s still early for jobs to open up so I’m trying to get my name out their before everyone else.  Wish me luck!  I need all the prayers, hopes, wishes, and luck I can get!

So, as I’m sure you all now it is just a short week and half until Valentine’s Day so this week’s borrowed inspiration are some quirky Valentine cards for all you stitchers looking for something special.

Borrowed Inspiration for your Week: Valentine’s Day crafty cards, the finished lady in blue, a dent in my reading list, and waiting for linen from overseas

You can get all six of these patterns for $10.00 from neverdyingpoet’s etsy store. Just click on the picture and (if I set it up right) should take you right to the store.

I’m not sure if I’d pay $10.00 for these patterns, although they are pretty cute.  It would have to be a splurge purchase.  The ideas can inspire you to create your own though…although the more I think about it I guess if you saved the patterns and used them more than one year they’d pay for themselves.  Anyway, I’ll let you make that decision on your own.

I’m still waiting for my 25ct linen to make it here.  Apparently it’s hard to get so the company I purchased it from had to special order it and the cloth just got to them on the 28th, but hopefully that means it’ll be getting to me by tomorrow or Wednesday.  I really, really want to get started on my Leo-stitch…the pattern just keeps staring at me whenever I pass it.

I did finish my blue lady and her book bookmark though.

Finally finished!

Finally finished!

I really like how she turned out and I’m already using her in a book.  As a bookmark she works very well.  Glad I changed the original colors though, the pink would have been just a little too much.


This is the next bookmark I started while waiting for my cloth to get here.  I’m currently filling in the background, I wanted a color different from the aida cloth I had and since I had the time I’m just filling everything in.  This bookmark isn’t all that fancy, but I like the quote and always seem to lose bookmarks so I can never have too many.

I also finished three books last week which has made a nice dent in my pile of reading.  I’ve made it through my reviewer copies after finishing “Simon and Hiroko” and also managed to finish “The Help” and “Why We Broke Up”.  The reviews will be coming up in the next few weeks so keep an eye out!

And as always, to stay update with the books, the crafts, or the life, follow me on twitter @xstitchurheart or friend me on goodreads.

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